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Dashboard Glare/Reflection on Windshield

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I've now had my MDX for 7 months, and I couldn't be happier with it. So far, no problems! About the only thing that I'm not thrilled about is the glare from the top of the (very large & flat) ebony dashboard onto the windshield when driving. Does anyone have a recommendation on what to use to put a more satin or no-gloss finish on the top of the dash so as to reduce the glare? (And carpeting the top of the dash would be sooooooooo 70's!)

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Try wearing polarized sunglasses. Poof! -- glare gone. They're available in prescription or non-prescription types.

I had the same problem, and still have. This is my wife's biggest complaints.

I should try the polarized glasses now.
I couldn't agree more with frostyra. It's like a magic. I've been wearing polarized sunglasses for about couple of years and absolutely recommend to everyone for driving. It takes most of the glares either from the dashboards or from other cars rear windows. It helps a lot on rainy days as well since you get a lot of glares from wet roads. They are a bit pricier than standard sunglasses but well worth the money once you try them on just like the MDX.
Re: Polaroid sunglasses

Polaroid sunglasses are an interesting application of the polarizing effect however when you look at other polarized windows, etc. you get a moire effect which is kida disconcerting also.

Acura should address this problem, it isn't right.
Glare Options

Not sure if I agree that Acura should address this problem:

(1) Some people are not bothered by the glare [e.g. me], others are [e.g. the better half].

(2) Glasses and/or dash mats can offer solutions.

(3) BMW X5 has an approach = flat black dash [solves problem I think, haven't driven enough to be sure]. My problem with the X5 approach is that [IMO] my dog's hairy backside looks better than the X5 dash [and the dog's backside is not the world's prettiest pic]. And to make matters worse, once something is butt ugly, it takes one heck of a lot of effort to "fix it" [dash mat might help, sunglasses wouldn't do the trick, dash replacement might work, etc.].

That moire effect you're noticing is probably due to the tempering of the glass in rear and side windows; those are stresses caused by heating the glass to a given temperature, then rapidly quenching it. Stresses in any transparent medium can be seen through polarized lenses. And the colors in some of the oncoming GM windshields look WILD through polarizers!
Polaroid sunglasses helps my views during bad weather with heavy rains. I was surprised the first time I wear one.

I only notice glare from the top of the windshield when driving by the highway interstate over a lot of white marks on the ground. All of a sudden, I can see a lot of white zebra reflection on the window. I have tan color inside so the effect may be less than the black inside.
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