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Dashboard cover

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We just received our new MDX. I was interested in knowing where I can find a dash board cover for the MDX. Does Tim carry this? I would appreciate a response. so far we are quite pleased with the car.

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Shelly, by dashboard cover, I assume you mean a sunscreen or sunshield? You can buy them most anywhere, Target, Walmart, AutoZone.

I bought mine from AutoSport.... It is a customized for the MDX, folds up easily, has UV protection and has a felt backing. Not cheap ($45 or so) but to me it is worth it. Best quality sunscreen I have ever seen. Takes 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Thank you for your reply.

We are looking for a carpet like covering for the dashboard to protect it from hot summer sun. We have a similar one on our Honda Accord. It has slots for the defroster vents and it attached to the dashboard with velcro. If you know of anything of this kind please let me know.

Your local Acura dealer should have one but I'd try Tim at Hondacuraworld first.
How do I contact Tim of Hondaacuraworld?

Here you go

[email protected], or 1800RAY-LAKS, or

Pretty much everyone on this forum orders their MDX accessories from Tim -- free shipping, great prices, great service, 'nuff said.
Shelly, have you considered a sunshield vs. the dash cover?

Don't know where ya'll live, but down heah in Texas it gets pretty darn tootin' hot.

A dash cover will protect the dash all right, but still would let the sun in, and would roast muh steerin' wheel and picture of Faith Hill on my dash.

A sunshield, on the udder hand, will help keep the interior of your X cool, AND protect your dash.

Anyway, jus' a sugesteeon from some folksy folks. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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