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This is an update on the what should have been a nice DIY to change the compressor stator but, It went south and fast.
I recently have my OG compressor stator die on me, I diagnosed thinking perhaps it was the A/C relay which is a common failure on my early 2G but nope. Relay and Fuse were fine there was also voltage to the stator wiring so I pinpointed the Stator as faulty. I ordered the part and waited until I have the time to change it so I could do the DIY?

I didn´t come out as expected. I have done my fair share of stators and clutches in Accords, TL,s, Civics, Pilots, etc..
But I have never done a 2nd Gen. So I thought… How hard can it be? Famous last words.

-First of all.. The space is horrible, I mean horrible there is no clear access to the compressor by the fender well which is odd since most hondas have this accesible. You can remove the inner fender liner but this wont give you full access to the compressor, Acura/Honda engineers decided to put part of the car body chassis just in front of the pulley. So you can barely remove the clutch bolt and access the clutch snap ring.

-Second once you removed the snap ring pray to the gods the bearing is not seized to the compressor shaft because there is absolutely no room to have a pulley extractor fit in between the pulley and chassis, I tried 3 different designs to no avail. So I used my trusty rubber hammer and tried to hammer it out? You can only hit 1/4 of the pulley, There is no room to wiggle it from 2 sides so you wont move that bearing at all.

-My last option… Remove the compressor… Yeah.... Not for the faint of heart. It was a royal PITA to remove the compressor. This went from a 30min job to 2 hours with tools, lift, discharge and re-charge. The compressor has to come out from beneath so you will have to remove one of the chassis braces or doing it the hard way by removing the alternator (which I ended up doing anyway) and taking the compressor out from the top.

So that is the reason there is no DIY.. Perhaps yours can come out easily? if there is no rust in the bearing/shaft? but even if you could do that removing the internal snap ring holding the stator is going to be a pain if the compressor is installed, You will also have to remove the alternator to replace the stator cable which is included in the box.... I highly recommend you leave this job to the dealership or shop if you have a bad Stator on a 2nd Gen MDX... Dunno if the 3rd gen has this stupid design choice as well.

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