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Color matched mud guards

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Hey Tim,

What do you think about selling color matched mud guards on an exchange basis. We send in our black ones, and you send us back painted ones for a "nominal" fee?

Would anyone be interested in this?
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Make mine MB!

Yes! In addition, I have an extra set of mud guards (and locks) purchased BEFORE I knew my dealer intended to include them in the deal. So, THOSE would be new.
I think it's a great idea...
Be realistic guys .... It does cost more than just a nominal fee. Remember one thing, should Tim buy into this kind of stuff and get out of business, we are the ones who loose.

However, a color matched mud guards is a cool idea.
I'm sure if Tim decides that this is something he can do, he will set a fair price. I'd bet that he wouldn't price it so low that he would force his employer into bankruptcy.
Hey guys, if I miss a thread, just send me a PM.....with all I do during a day it's easy to pass by sometimes.

I talked to my body shop manager about it....and he told me that paint probably wouldn't adhere to them too well. While the flares and lower trim are ABS plastic, the mudguards are polypropylene, which makes them more flexible, and offers less chance of paint adhesion.
I've heard the same thing but I have also seen some posts from people that have painted the mud guards.

Does anyone have experience with painted mud guards?
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