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Clock stuck to 0:00, navi/GPS working fine

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My 2001 MDX clock on the navi screen has been stuck to 0:00 for a day or two. If I go in the hidden menu, the GPS time is correctly showing the Greenwich time so that's not the problem. I cannot manually make time adjustments in the setup menu either.

I have found a discussion about an issue that interestingly happened exactly one year ago on 99 TL models.

The bad news is it seems we have a software issue that causes the clock to malfunction 17 years into its life. The good news per same thread is the issue may resolve itself within a month.

See the refenced thread here:
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You May Want To Register Your Vehicle with Honda Customer Service

I called Honda Customer Service yesterday (888-528-7876) to register our 2002 MXD. Talked with a nice guy who said that they were aware of the problem and that it was affecting thousands of vehicles. I gave him our VIN, mailing address and e-mail address and he gave me a case number.

He said Acura was working on a solution and that they would contact me when a fix was available. I asked about the 1024 weeks theory and he said no, the problem was created by something sent in the satellite signal. In fact, he said one possible solution may be to fix the problem remotely via satellite. Interesting.
Just add my 2002 MDX to the list with the same issue. Hope it corrects itself or someone finds an answer. I only have 66,000 miles and plan on keeping it for several more years.
Called Acura yesterday. They acknowledge problem and say they and Alpine Electronics have been able to duplicate the problem but do not have a solution. They say it is a satellite problem and don't know when it will be fixed. On the positive side they are taking calls and will open a case number for you so you can be contacted when the problem is resolved.
Call Acura: 1-800 382-2238 option #7. And wait with the rest of us.
Ha ha, contact us when the satellite signal problem is resolved or may be we can just notice when the clock starts to work again.
Hi, My 2002 Acura did exactly the same thing and I don't recall the exact date but it was right around the middle of August too. Any ideas?
Amazing!! Happened to our 2001 MDX just as I was travelling to see the solar eclipse - coincidence??? You don't realize how often you look at the clock until you see 0:00 all the time! Registered the problem with Acura - thanks to dustydirty and danstub for the contact info.
Last year the clock fixed itself on 09/17 so we'll soon find out. I suspect it's a simple firmware issue where it does not handle the time conversion correctly for a period of 30 days. Time will tell (or will it, get it?).
Just got a call from Acura. The clock will indeed recover on September 17th. The rep could not explain the problem.:shizhap:
It would be fun if we knew exactly when this would happen on the 17th. Then if I had a buddy with this issue, I could show up at the right time, and tell him I was going to fix his car telepathically. I'd put my fingertips to my forehead, put on my worst stinkeye expression and grunt just as the clock would come back to life.
Just got a call from Acura. The clock will indeed recover on September 17th. The rep could not explain the problem.:shizhap:
I could guess an explanation based on my programing experience.

Our GPS units receive time and date stamps from GPS satellites in a format not suitable for humans so some conversions and calculations must take place. The GPS time received is expressed in weeks (the number of weeks elapsed since a certain date in 1980) and the number of 1.5 seconds elapsed since the beginning of the week.

There is rollover in GPS time that occurs every 1024 weeks. Interestingly, 1024 weeks is approximately 19.6 years or roughly the time period between our car GPS units production/manufacturing date and the date at which we all observed a failure. And we all observed the failure a year later than the units in the 2000 TL did which were probably manufactured a year before ours.

So I'm assuming there is an exception that occurs in the firmware's calculations every 1024 weeks and it calculates an invalid month and therefor discards the received data and cannot provide the proper date and time and instead displays 0:00. And I'll also assume the calculations start working again when the calculated month increases by 1 so the problem disappears a month later.

Fixing such an issue would require a recall of our units and that's not going to happen, especially if they're now good for another 19.6 years.

Well, that's my guess.
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Add my 2002 MDX to the list.
I held my breath for it to re-set on 9/17 but no joy in Mudville.

I don't know the exact date it went to zero but I don't think a full month has passed so I'm hoping it re-sets itself when enough days pass.
Well, I had high hopes that my 2002 MDX clock would reset on 09/17/17, but sadly that was not the case. I called Acura (800-382-2238) and the lady I spoke with said that some had been fixed, while others were still experiencing issues. I got a case number and she is supposed to call when they think they have the issue resolved. We'll see. On the plus side, she checked for any recalls, etc. that my vehicle might be involved in while I was on the phone. I keep a close watch on those, so didn't expect her to find anything, and she didn't. But it was nice that she went that extra step while she had me on the line to confirm it. I noticed mine on the morning of 08/19/17, and just checked a few minutes ago. Here's hoping that it re-sets soon. I really, really miss my clock!!
So, it's the 19th and I'm still at 0:00. No time for a few days to call Acura and whine. I do like PorcupineCuddlrs 1024 theory.
"Navi clocks showing 00:00, for those models still affected after 9/17/17 we are working on a software patch. More info to come"

The above tweet implies some have recovered. I'm not one of them.
I still have the issue with my 02 MDX. Does anyone know how long before the patch is ready?
Hello everyone...
I've checked the Acura Relations twitter thing. The last message that they sent was on the 17th of September.
Apparently the Navi system is run on an Alpine platform. If it weren't for the fact that our Air Conditioning Controls were primarily accessed from that screen, I'd been really tempted to try one of the later updates. The last update for our systems (2001-2002) is the Black DVD v.2 and that was last updated in 2013.
I left my Nav screen in place and put a double-DIN adapter in place of the (non-Bose) AM/FM/CD/cassette unit..... then bought a Pioneer unit with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, etc.
I moved into the 21st century and the A/C controls still work. Two screens.
All I've lost is the VOICE of the Acura nav. But of course I now have Apple nav and Siri and hands-free and all that so giving up Acura voice was trivial.

Photos are elsewhere on this site... I think it looks pretty good with two screens.

So my first thought was this change-out was causing the 00:00 clock fault. Lots of relief to see it's not me...
And yes, the Pioneer unit has a clock, but it's kind of far down so I hope Acura comes up with a clock fix.


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Our 2002 MDX Touring Navi has shown 0:00 since mid-August 2017. I called then and gave my info, and they said then the clocks my "fix themselves".

I called today, and they had all my info in the system that I gave them in August.

There is not fix yet, and they are still working on the problem. They still think some cars may "fix themselves", so Acura Client Support agreed that calls like mine do let them know it is not yet fixed for some cars.
My 2001 MDX and 2002 TL all had the same clock issues around mid-August, 2017. It has been more than a month. The problem still exists. How do I get it fixed?
My 2001 MDX and 2002 TL all had the same clock issues around mid-August, 2017. It has been more than a month. The problem still exists. How do I get it fixed?
Acura claims some fixed themselves and they are trying to figure out what to do with the rest of us. I'm not one of the lucky ones and nobody on this board has mentioned their clock working again.
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