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After downgrade to my old black NAV CD, my 2002 MDX's clock come back last night.
1. Get into NAV diagnostic mode (at Menu page, push and hold Menu 2 second + MAP 2 second + cancel 5 second to get into diagnostic mode, ordering is important) with new NAV CD
2. Choose "UNIT CHECK", there is force download at left corner, choose force download and then "YES"
3. Change back to old NAV CD, screen will pop up door open and disk error ....
4. At this step, I don't really know what is correct procedure, I try to get into diagnostic mode, but it's not working. I also try many different button combinations....
after couple minutes, NAV looks like come back and you will see earth picture
5. Get into NAV diagnostic mode, choose UNIT CHECK, Force Download... My NAV downgrade back to old version and clock come back...

If you still have old black NAV CD, just try it. I believe Acura know correct procedure to downgrade NAV.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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