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Clock stuck to 0:00, navi/GPS working fine

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My 2001 MDX clock on the navi screen has been stuck to 0:00 for a day or two. If I go in the hidden menu, the GPS time is correctly showing the Greenwich time so that's not the problem. I cannot manually make time adjustments in the setup menu either.

I have found a discussion about an issue that interestingly happened exactly one year ago on 99 TL models.

The bad news is it seems we have a software issue that causes the clock to malfunction 17 years into its life. The good news per same thread is the issue may resolve itself within a month.

See the refenced thread here:
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Well, I had high hopes that my 2002 MDX clock would reset on 09/17/17, but sadly that was not the case. I called Acura (800-382-2238) and the lady I spoke with said that some had been fixed, while others were still experiencing issues. I got a case number and she is supposed to call when they think they have the issue resolved. We'll see. On the plus side, she checked for any recalls, etc. that my vehicle might be involved in while I was on the phone. I keep a close watch on those, so didn't expect her to find anything, and she didn't. But it was nice that she went that extra step while she had me on the line to confirm it. I noticed mine on the morning of 08/19/17, and just checked a few minutes ago. Here's hoping that it re-sets soon. I really, really miss my clock!!
Just received a call from Acura. They have a fix for the issue and are sending me a DVD with the update on it along with instructions to load, then I'll re-insert the existing Navi DVD for use. Said I could expect to receive it in 3-4 weeks, so we'll see. Just thought I'd give an update on what I know at this time. If you haven't already called Acura re. this, be sure to do so, as the woman I spoke with said they are only contacting those individuals who have called in to inquire about the issue.

I received my disk after Christmas and didn't get a chance to load it until after the first of the year. Mine did the same thing. After a couple of days, I just manually set it to Central time. Then had a few other 'blips' where nothing came up when I'd start her up for the next couple of days. But, for the last two weeks, has worked great.
1 - 3 of 77 Posts
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