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TheWorm said:

Yea, I'd be thinking twice (or more) about that TL/TLS based on that board. Granted, we online folks aren't exactly 'typical' consumers, but the # of tranny problems happening sure seem HUGE.

The latest guy over there took his limping TLS straight into the servicebay and picked up his 4cyl Corolla loaner.
I have a TL-S in addition to my MDX. I bought the TL-S in March and haven't had a single problem with it. For that matter, other than the weeping mirrors (which I consider an annoyance, not a problem) my MDX has been trouble free also. Keep in mind, that the type of people that post on the TL-S frequently modify their cars with aftermarket performance parts including lowering springs, third party sway bars, and after market headers. You can safely assume that those that modify their cars drive a lot harder than the average Acura owner. Also, the TL and CL have a "sport shift" feature that allows you to shift manually. Between the TL and CL Acura has sold over 250K units. The number of transmission problems reported on both boards are less than 50. Acura hasn't disclosed what's wrong yet and there's no assurance that driving habits make a difference. Still, the number of failures vs. the number of cars built is not alarming and I'd still recommed a TL to anyone in the market for a car in the $30K range.
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