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I had given some thought on that for quite sometime actually. I had been cleaning the fingerprints and grimes with just a piece of chamois like material called the ABSORBER soak in luke warm water...However..certain grimes do not come off and give the faux wood that nice shine...SO

I bought this cleaner from a company that makes OXI-CLEAN called Orange Clean- Orange clean is just a simple liquid made out of natural orange oil that comes from the orange peel. Since it does not contain any HARSH worked REALLY REALLY well around the house especially when you know that you have children. So now I used this as a general cleaner around the house for wood, plastic, glass, metal, stove top etc etc..Windex and all the other solvents have harsh chemical derivatives that is dangerous for the children if the touch the surface after you clean it.

Try it out. It is wonderful and it smells AWESOME after the clean. It is not also available at grocery stores. :D

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Hate to say this BUT the solvents in "synthetically manufactured" products CAN be safer than the 'natural' products.

You ever see scarecrows in orange groves? Know why? The oils/solvents in orange will drive away the birds. It is VERY potent stuff! DID you ever squirt yourself when peeling an oragnge? EEOOW! What exactly do you think NATURAL orange oil is? Well. guess what is CHEMICALS. In fact, a heck of mix of alcohols, ketones, esthers & more: monoterpenes (35%): a-pinene, b-pinene, d-limonene, camphene, alcohols: phenylethyl, benzyl
terpene alcohols (40%): (-)-linalool, (+)-a-terpineol, geraniol, nerol
esters (>21%): linalyl acetate, neryl acetate, geranyl acetate
sesquiterpene alcohols (6%): trans-nerolidol, farnesols
aldehydes: 2,5-dimethyl-2-vinyl-hex-4-enal, decanal, benzaldehyde
ketones: jasmone(tr.)
nitrogen compounds (>1.5%): methyl anthranilate, indole
acids: (tr.): benzoic, palmitic, phenylacetic

Yeah, I know, "but it says it's safe" well guess what, unless you are a FDA regulated product (and cleaners are NOT) then SAFE is meaningless! Here's something to think about too:

Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating the use of alcohol based 'commercial cleaners'. Nor do I think the 'ammomia' based windex stuff is good. Further, many 'protectorants' DO attrack dust. I suspect the concentration of alcohols and such in Orange-Glo is lower than SOME of cleaners, but IT IS NOT "GOOD STUFF".

I think your advice about using the DRY cleaner cloth is GREAT. I don't know that there is a need anything for something stronger than a DAMP CLOTH. If you you have soemthing GREASY I would recommed plain old SOAP diluted with water. I can't imagine what you'd get inside the vehicle that would resist 'normal' cleaning methods.

You know what they use for crowd control? Pepper spray. Yep, made out of regular old "hot peppers". THAT stuff is NATURAL TOO!

My point is LOTS of 'natural' things can be VERY VERY BAD irritants! And "citrus oils" are in that category. There are even studies linking citrus oils (mostly those from lemon & lime. but some varieties of orange too) to carcinogenic/mutagenic problem is lab animals. Yeah, OK, I know 100x normal exposure and all that, but my POINT is still the same -- "natural does NOT equal SAFE".

BTW, I didn't mean to single out any individual, but rather the MINDSET that CHEMICALS are 'inherantly more dangerous' than 'non-synthesized (natural) products'.
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