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Chrome Wheels, Woodgrain Kit and more....

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2001 Base Model. Nighthawk Black...that looks very blue in direct sun. Chrome wheels, kit, pistol grip burlwood shift knob.


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I'd start a thread in 'Off Topic' called "Show us your garage"...but I'm afraid Merrill might be the only participant!! ;) How do you surpass that one?
What, no street sign comments?

I expected some comments on the street sign....theses are actual street signs made by the City....they were made for me as a gift by someone who claimed I already had too many ties. It was suppose to be a prop to display with my cars at car shows, but it is too heavy and bulky to haul around. So there they stand.


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Back to our previously scheduled topic....

Thank you all for all the kind comments.

I finally got my Chrome Wheel pix here are the Chrome Base Wheels I put on my MDX.


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Just to be complete....

Okay, and here is another picture of the wood kit. I tried to get the glass holder and light surround on the ceiling, but resizing the picture seems to have clipped it.

Oh, through the windshield you can see some of the fine art I hang on my is a T-Shirt that says "A Man's Garage is his Castle."(!!!!)


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Re: Just to be complete....

merrillcrosbie said:
Okay, and here is another picture of the wood kit. I tried to get the glass holder and light surround on the ceiling, but resizing the picture seems to have clipped it.

Cool street signs, but, you have a GLASS holder while the rest of us have CUP holders? NOW I know why you have the GARAGE!! :D:D All you need is a large poster of Grey Poupon!
Ahem, glasses, I meant glasses.

You know, the sunglasses holder on the has wood trim now, as does the trim around the reading lights.

Sorry to be unclear and obtuse. Sorry for using words like obtuse.

P.S. I am not a fan of Pooped-on Mustard. But the squeeze bottle does give me something to blame when, well..... That way I don't have to beat the dog.

....Oh, just think about it!

I just stumbled onto this thread and all I can say is Merrill, you're HYSTERICAL!!!! What a place! And I'm not talking about the house! I emailed the pages of this thread to my brother in law, he will be just DROOLING!!!!

Man, your scenery is to die for. Beautiful mountains!

Kinda drives us "east coasters" nuts sometimes, but I have to say, I love the beach and the water too!

Thanks for the great stories, I really enjoyed reading them, and singing along with Mickey too.
interesting picture


So this picture goes like this-

American, American, American, American- JAPANESE made in CANADA??

WHAT GIVES?????:2:
Re: Thanks Redwing

merrillcrosbie said:
I bought my woodgrain kit off of it for $112. So, I suspect they wouldn't make much effort to track me down to send me a replacement for the misfit. But, I am not unhappy with the look I have.

Okay, I have gotten some naysayers out there so I made the effort to get proof positive pictures of this garage of mine. I think it is really cool, but the truth is that it is just a big gaping hole in the side of my house.
What an amazing garage!!! If I had that I would be in heaven!! That's beautiful!!! Your house is beautiful, and the car collection awesome!! It's beyond words!!! I couldn't even image the cost of a similiar property on Long Island. You have have an amazing set-up there, after looking at it I thinking of relocating out of New York!!!!:2:
Oh merrillcrosbie, can I make a deal for this car? Please, please, please. :eek: :eek:

J/K:2: I remember those once upon a time


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Yeah, great car, huh?

This Roadrunner is my mid-life crisis car. I had one when I was 16. I love the voluptuous styling and the power is great.

But, everything has it's price. How serioius are ya? How much can I squeeze you for? Pvt me if you want to talk dirt.
Hey Fireblade6....

Yeah, I used to be a diehard American car driver. But, a Eldorado with the Northstar system that spent more time in the shop than in this cozy garage I built for it convinced me to reconsider. All of the important people in my life drove Honda's and they were hauling my big butt down to the Caddy dealership for service in their little Japanese cars. Yet, they never needed me to return the favor. I kinda caught on after a few of those trips that there had to be a better way.

Of course, it did take two more American cars with similar attitude problems...a 300M and a truly convince me that Honda had it figured out.

Hence, the Acura.

The old American iron is a very different story. They are generally very dependable and even when not, I cut them a whole lot more slack than I do my daily driver.

I haven't needed to cut my Acura any slack at all. It has been rock solid.

Well, I did have those nasty weeping mirrors that made me visit the dealer one more time than I would have liked.....
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Nanisworld and Paul123....

Thanks for the kind words. The cost of living here in Utah was pretty reasonable prior to the Olympics, so building this big garage back when I did was easier than it would be now. But, I am sure it is still much easier to do here than in New York or California.

And, the scenery is quite beautiful and diverse. I am 10 minutes away from wooded mountains, desert, salt water beaches, and fresh water lakes. The only downside is the culture, or lack thereof......
Re: Thanks Redwing

merrillcrosbie said:
...Okay, I have gotten some naysayers out there so I made the effort to get proof positive pictures of this garage of mine. I think it is really cool, but the truth is that it is just a big gaping hole in the side of my house.
Impressive merrillcrosbie, I need this kind of garage! :6: :29:
Here in New York, that's called a parking garage. . . $18.50 per hour and $4 city tax.
Ever seen Everwood?

If any of you have ever seen Everwood on the WB, that show is filmed here in Ogden, UT. The train station that the lead character turned into a doctor's office is actually a facade in front of a parking lot between two restaurants in the center of our city.

They film all over the city, and it has been pretty fun to go and watch.

I am bringing this up because in this show the main doctor drives a black BWM X5. Since they don't close the street when they are filming, they just ask people to stand back, there are cars coming and going all the time. I pulled up and parked next to the BMW as it was parked in front of the phony doctors office because I was going to the restaurant next door.

It appears from the camera angles that my black MDX might have gotten into some of the scenes they were filming on the street. It's hard to know for sure. Seems like most of the time they are just standing around. But, if they filmed his BMW, they should have also gotten my MDX.

The show is kinda schmaltzy, but it is fun to watch to see places in my town on TV...turned into something they aren't.
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Your chrome wheels...


First of rock! Your garage is bigger than my house! Thanks for sharing the stories and photos :20:

Now about those wheels: did you have your rims chromed? If so, did you do that locally (meaning anywhere near Utah/Idaho)?

If anyone else has photos of their X w/ chrome wheels, I would love to see them! Or, if you know of any members w/ photos posted, please direct me to the appropriate thread.

Thank you!!
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Mike Hale Acura arranged the chrome wheels for me.

I had negotiated the chrome wheels with my dealer so they took care of it all. When I took delivery the chrome wheels were on it. The dealer had a spare set of wheels (for both premium & touring) that he had sent out to be chromed, so he just traded them for mine when my MDX came in.

So, specifically who did the chrome? I actually am not sure. I thought they said it was a local SLC shop....but then I heard the dealer telling another prospective buyer that was admiring my car that the wheels were chromed in Las Vegas. He said something about getting better quality there..a previous supplier's chromed wheels would leak air. My wheels have performed flawlessly.

Sorry I am not more help here, but I just paid the bill and it was all pretty automatic for me.

One thing I have changed since the pictures on this thread were taken. I have put Acura logo's back on the center cap again. They aren't recessed, but they are turned metal that look really nice in the sun. They are lazercut film and I got them off eBay.

Thanks for your kind words!
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My favorite is the Riviera, convertible yet, and nice color combination. Nice collection of American cars and one infiltrator, but a good one at that. Congrats!! :eek:
Your MDX NEEDS the wooden wheel and you will be complete. What's that other car in your garage that is not listed in your signature section. Is it a BMW?
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