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Chevy Trailblazer EXT

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Just curious has anyone seen or read anything about the new Trailblazer EXT (Extension) due out this spring?

I seen a picture of it on GM's web page and it seats 7 standard and has an overall length of 207". This is longer than the Tahoe which is 197".

Looks like Acura has started something that other Auto Manufactures are looking at for their upcoming SUV models.

Don't worry I'm not selling out as a MDX loyalist, but my sister is getting ready to purchase a regular Trailblazer. She is turning in her leased rodeo next month.

I'm still waiting for my X in April. I hope my wife will let me drive it other than to get it serviced, clean it and put gas in it. :)

How do you other married couples deal with driving one X in the family? I may have to buy another X, but I would prefer a pickup truck for another new vehicle in the family.

It would be nice if Acura had a luxery Pickup truck equivelant to the MDX. If your listening Acura get the designers busy!!!!
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I must take exception, Fireblade. If by 'hardy' you mean beefy, yup, you got it, the trailblazer drives and feels like a solid truck. If you mean by hardy, strong and immune--not even close. What, they're up to 5 recalls now? And I'm sure the recalls will keep coming.

Once they've worked the kinks out of it, I'm sure the truck will be solid and certainly more 'hardy', but man, until then--I wouldn't invest in one. On the other hand, I happily put my money into a 1st generation Acura product, and I am SO happy I did...

Just my thoughts, papawoolf--save your sister before it's too late!!

As for the married issue--just make sure the other car in the family is a fun ride too! Otherwise, you'll always lose the battle--wives always win...

Rob :cool:
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