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Cheapest place to get MDX Accessories ?

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hi guys and gals,

just got the call from my dealer that my MDX is in, but should I buy the accessories from these guys or is there a mail order place that sells that alot cheaper than dealer retail ?

I saw, but just wondering if thats it.

I only had to wait 4 days for mine, ordered it Fri delivered on Mon !!!

i'm in the washington dc area, is there a local dealer that gives discounts ?

Thanks !

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Call and Talk to Tim at the web site you listed
Hondacuraworld you wont find cheaper.
They are quick and stuff is as promised OEM
Forget about the dealer price. Do it your self Easy
I put sunroof visor , mud flappers and wood grain meter kit myself
Easy as Pie
correct URL for Tim..

As Neicho posted, the best place to buy MDX accessories (or any Honda/Acura model) is from Tim's prices are way better than any dealer.

Tim is very pleasant to do business with and you get a great price (including free shipping). Most of the accessories can be installed very easily - so go on over the website & order away!
TIm also has an 800 number on the site - if you need to call with any questions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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