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For all those of you thinking of installing Dynamat in the door. Take a look at the McMaster-Carr catalog at

They sell sheets of "Polymeric Mastic" 32''X54'' for $12.79. That's a heck of a lot cheaper than Dynamat, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same exact thing with a nice logo on it.

I installed this stuff on all my doors, trunk and firewall (in the Impala SS) and turned a noisy, cop car into a quiet touring sedan! It does have a weight penalty, but it is equivalent to the regular Dynamat, not the super-duper thicker stuff...which I believe is heavier per sq. ft.

McMaster is a great source for great prices on stuff like sound deadeners, tools, and other industrial stuff good for using on cars. A true DIY guy will have hours of fun just browsing the catalog.

Best minimum orders...and shipping is usually free.

I don't work for McMaster...just like the catalog...wait till you guys see it!
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