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Changed MDX order to add NAV

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I have really enjoyed reading all the different topics on the MDX. I've decided to add the NAV system to my order. I have read a lot of threads on the pros and cons of the NAV system and decided to get it. I wish I knew about this site earlier I would have ordered it with my initial order.

My dealer told me it would take another month now to get my MDX. My MDX was scheduled to be build sometime in March. I can't see how changing a wiring harness and display screen can delay things by a month. So I'm now looking at April.

Has anybody else changed their order and had to wait longer?

I realize that different colors can make the wait longer but I didn't think that a few different interior items could delay things. I thought waiting to get a new house build was nerve wrecking, but this is just as bad.

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adding Navi to your MDX

Papawoolf, Acura isn't building a specific MDX to fill your specific
request. It all has to do with the vehicles allotted to your dealer
and when and what kind they receive. There are a number of
threads dealing with the "ordering process" and some excellent
explanations by people in the know. Check out Roger Womack's
comments on this subject.

In any event, you won't be sorry you waited for one with navigation!
Good Move!

I think you did the right thing. The NAV is waaaaaaaaaay cool. I don't ever want to own a vehicle without it.
Meep Meep
Yes, I did the same thing. I first order the touring model and then up graded to add the navi. I believe it took about a month longer. Maybe a little shorter due to people dropping off the list which bumped me up. In hind site I am glad we went with the touring and navi combo. The navi makes traveling much easier. You just plot your destination. No worries :) . Well no worries unless you have to go to a small town that is not in the navi or you decide to make your own detour to avoid major traffic. The navi (She) dose not like it when you ignore her wisdom. It's like she is a crazy wife and keeps on bugging you. blah blah blah make a u-turn, go back the way you came. To bad you can't get the navi to sound like Mr. T. Shut up fool, Turn around or I'll put you in a world of hurt...:D

You did the right thing by adding the nav in. It's way too cool, and not having it pretty much sucks.

As Bill mentioned, adding Nav system is not on the car they had for you. It's going to be a different car from a different lot. Just wait and you will see what the fuss about the Nav is all about.
Thanks for the words of encourage!!!
Well, I hope I am not opening up another can of warm (or argument). What other folks said is correct. Adding navi will move you to another allocation. If you don't mind not to have touring package, you can ask your dealer to add you to the base/navi wait list. So, you'll be waiting for either tour/navi or base/navi. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the words of encourage!!!
Navi is great...

As I recall, GCK's MDX and mine are siblings. :)

I bought Navi without knowing how good it was. And really, it is great. At the time I just want something "with everything in it." Well, I got it..

WHile during the regular work week and local driving, the navi is okay since I know all the roads already. However, the navi helps when I have to go somewhere fast and has no map. Out of town driving or midnight driving has become driving in your own backyard. The difference for your life is the increased enjoyment of your trip since you no longer focus on finding your way to go there.

A production cycle of the car is scheduled in batch. They makes the production line so it comes out, say, a bunch of Red Rock Touring and Navigation.. then do another thing. Think about this, even the navigation screen has to be pre-allocated for each batch job. If you want to add the screen, that screen has to come from somewhere.

I remember when I was looking at Lexus in the year end, they told me their 2001 model will no longer be any more with navigation screen. The reason is the same... they have a set number of navigation screens.

Oh.. I ended up with waiting for 3 months and get the MDX. That was the best decision I made with this buy.
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Initially, I did not order the 'DX with Navi. This is due to my experience with MB and BMW ones. It took 5 minutes of demo to change my mind and never regret since. Now I found "difficult to drive without one. Two additinal important aspects (beyond those mentioned by others):

1. It reminds me that we are close to a turn or exit. This would help changing lanes.

2. I use to take trips with friends on thier own cars. Even when I am the "trailer", I still can navigate the whole convoy to turn/exit correctly in time (communicationg via FRS walkie-talkies).

Also finding desired restaurants in the vicinity of a trip is quite useful too.

Glad that you decided on adding the Navi. Enjoy
The navigation is awwwwwwsome.

Its like a microwave, before you had it, you didnt think you neded it. But after you have it, you cant live without it.
I do not see a need anymore to say again how good the Navi is in order to support theupgrade(it's all done already by many), just wanted to comment mentioned by Ronsully "bad wife bugging behavior".

I don't think this is true. Seems to me that problem is not on Navi's side, but - on driver's. Not that you should always follow the directions, but just check the options. As far as I remember there's one to set 'auto-recalculation' that will do it each time you decide follow your ones. At least mine does it without any bugs.
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