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CDs in Center Console?

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There are grooves inside the center console for what it looks like could be for cd plastic case holders. Does anyone know if that is what it is for? Does anyone have any better ideas for where/how to store your cds in your MDX?

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Yes, they hold a standard CD case - but I don't put my CDs there for the following reasons:

1. I make my assorted CDs, which have original slim CD cases - so they don't fit - my original CDs are in my 200 CD changer at home
2. I have a CD wallet which holds about 60 CDs. Besides the six on my CD changer, the rest stay in this wallet and the wallet goes in to the glove box comfortably!

And my center console houses a tissue dispenser (I put bounty tissues - packaged exactly like kleenex- just in case there is a bad spill!)

Have fun!
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