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I don't know how many have checked out this review but I found it the other day on the 01 X.

IMHO the most thorough review I have found on the web. Lots of pics and a few videos. Be sure to check out the "contents" on the left side. Enjoy!

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great link!

gave me an idea, we should have a section on the site that links every review/comparison on the MDX. would be great info. for potential buyers. I know Gatorgreg has a link to most of the 'X articles on his site.

Great review

Wow, that is the most through review I have seen on the MDX and I thought I had read all of them, including the ones on

This guy does a very nice job in all areas of the MDX. My only disagreement with him is the joke he makes about the CDs he jokingly "never sees again" when he used a similar Bose system in a different Acura model.

I would say this is required reading for anyone considering purchasing an MDX.

HEHE, he says "I’ll be surprised if the MDX isn’t soon adopted by sports figures, rappers and G-men."

Look for it in your next rap video.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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