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Cargo liner questions

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OK, I just finished installing the cargo liner in my FOUR HOUR OLD MAHOGANY MDX 188!!!! :D :D :D :D (sorry, got a little over-excited!)

Anyway, I have a couple of questions:

1) What are the velcro pads on the top (roughly above the storage compartment) for?

2) Is there an easier way to get the cargo apron attached, or am I just uncoordinated? I nearly ripped my fingers off getting the second side looped over the hook!


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this is timely...

I'm about 10 days out from the car's arrival (wahoo!), and am trying to decide on the interior accessories. I would like to protect the back as much as possible, but have already ruled out the cargo tray, because it looks like it has to be removed in order to access the 3rd row seat - which could be a problem if we're out somewhere and want to add passengers. The cargo liner seems like a good alternative, because it looks as though it could be removed and folded up if you want to open the 3rd seat. But is this really more that just a $200 black fitted sheet? :confused:
Most of the cargo trays seem to roll up for storage behind the third row of seats, so you could definitely still get that and not be stuck if you need to take extra passengers. It would be much faster to put in place than the cargo liner which takes a few minutes of work to get on.
Rolled up? - Now, that I didn't know. Admittedly, I've only seen pictures of the tray, but for some reason I assumed it was rigid enough to where it would need to be removed from the back area. Guess I'll have to rethink this, because I don't have the dog issue.

Re: Cargo tray rollup

cyclone said:
Look in the sixth picture of this thread for a picture of the cargo tray rolled up. I also saw reference to the Weathertech tray being rollable as well.
Thank, cyclone, that's perfect - exactly what I needed to know. Sure am glad I asked; somehow I assumed the tray was more rigid - like a pickup liner, or one of those office chair mats. But, this looks like it will work great.

Thanx all. Reason number 37 why this site is fabulous!
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