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Cargo-cover noise...

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I like to cover my cameras with the cargo-cover.. so that others won't see it,
and the sun won't burn my film too much..

However.. is it just me.. or every cargo net that's on makes the anoying noise?

I thought it was the 2nd row seat belt at first.. but nope.. was the cargo-cover..

Anyone knows how to avoid it?.. or do we all have to suffer?..:(
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What annoying noise are you talking about? The only noise my cargo cover makes is a muffled ziiiiiip when I open or close it. When extended to cover the cargo area, the cover is close to silent.


It's the squiking noise when I have the cover on while driving..

it just goes on and on.. sigh../_\
No squeaks on ours. Silent, just like marne's. Have you tried removing and reinstalling so you reseat it in the holes (by the 2nd row seatbacks)? How 'bout some 303 or Vinylex in the notch (near the tailgate, where you hook it) to see if it's rubbing there?

I know exactly what you are talking about. It's a high pitched squeaking noise.
At first I thought it was the seats, the belts, even the roof mounted coat hook and seat belt.
Eventually, I discovered that it was the cargo cover.
When it is closest to the rear opening and it isn't tightly hooked into the column it squeeks like mad.
It it isn't hooked, you need to shove it all the way into the cylinder or it will squeek (but this defeats the purpose of the cover).
Recently, I've been hauling lots of stuff so I moved it forward but kept it in the cylinder with no squeeks.

Maybe there is a way to make the tension tighter (I'm assuming this will stop the squeeks).

If someone finds a permanent solution, please post.
I've gotten around the problem by not using it.
Most times I don't have anything in the back and when I do, I'm at work and the window tint makes it hard to see in.

I probably won't want to park at the mall with a Hassy in the back uncovered though.
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Now, this just plain sucks!

First MDX does not come with the ^%*@ thing standard. No no, It's a luxury accessory. You have to buy it separately.
Wake up Acura, It's luxury cars that you make for god's sake. Just put the darned thing in as a standard item. Those who don't want it can always take it off and keep it in the garage.

Second, people fork over the big unjustified bucks for these accessories only to have them "squeak" on them. So what do they do? They just stop using them. Can you blame them?

I wish Acura would just grow up already. And what's with no roof rack on the premium? Geez!

Don't get me wrong folks. I have my X booked on a non-refundable deposit. No, I still want it but I guess the last 10 days of wait are the most frustrating. I never did get this accessory based extortion busineess at all. All said and done, I will still get my roof rack from Tim because it just plain looks "nude" without it.

There, I feel much better now. Or do I?
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Thanks Bef!

Now I don't feel alone heh

I think I'll take wormy's advise.. try to put something between it and the hole..

My is always behind the 2nd row.. or not in use for all.. I usualy need it to cover

my cameras and films.. so they don't get too hot.. and people wont steal them..

I just noticed a high pitch metallic rattling noise coming from my cargo cover today. I just recently put it back after a stint of hauling the extended family around. Re-seating did not help. I am not sure if the noise if coming from inside the cylinder (maybe the spring) or where it is seated. I did notice there is a lot of play in the fit.
YES!!!! its not just me!!!!

i wanted to post something on this 5 months ago but i figured i had a bad cargo cover.... im actually "glad" to hear someone else has the same thing.... the noise is SOOOOOOOO F'in annoying and i have no choice but to keep the cargo cover in place since i have my sub back there.... i thought it was the back door at first but after I had someone drive the car and I sat in the back seat I noticed its the cargo cover....

when its fully retracted I dont hear anything.... when its extended is when the noise is made.... any potential solutions?????
Anyone brave enough to pop off the end and try to increase the spring tension?

In another post someone mentioned that their end accidentally came off of theirs so maybe someone can take it off. I imagine the mechanism is similar to how a shade works (except without the ratchet).

This assumes the sound comes from the cylinder.
If it is coming from the flap that hooks to the body then maybe taping or wedging the flap tightly to the body will help.

Another test would be to wedge something in the slot when the cover is extended. If the noise is from the cover rubbing against the slot, then this may be effective.

Normally, I would do all these tests myself but I'm busy working on landscaping (excavating, lights, sprinklers, new soil, plants, etc.). Ah, the joys of home ownership!
Hmm... Mine made exactly the noise described when I first put it in, so after a couple days of that I went back and sort of jiggled the whole thing around a little and made sure both ends were pressed firmly into the sockets. The problem hasn't come back since.

Hopefully, for at least some of you the solution will turn out to be as simple as it was for me.

I agree that it's ridiculous that we had to pay extra for this thing.

I don't have the noise problem with my cargo cover & have removed & re-installed a couple times. I did make sure the ends were properly seated though. I do have a diff problem that is a little annoying ................

When I slide the cover out, the right side catches on the tubing when you try to pull it out. I thought it was just me, but noticed the exact same thing with a fellow MDXer's cargo cover (Octavian.....remember that?)

Anyone else have that issue? It's not a big deal - just a nuisance.
Yes, indeedy, texrb, you showed my yours and I showed you mine. :)

It catches on the right side, never on the left. Not a big problem, except I am fearful someday I will be in a rush, forget to slooooowly pull straight and just yank on it ripping it to shreds.

Fortunately no squeaking though.
Same here

Mine also catches on the right side (never the left) unless I'm careful to pull it straight out. This has been happening since it was brand new. I don't see any visible difference between the left and right sides of the cover itself.
- Conrad
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