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Cargo cover driving me CRAZY!

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As someone mentioned before (sorry, could not find a specific thread), cargo cover, when fully extended, vibrates and makes some horrendous squeaking noises. I am not sure which part (or parts) of the cover make that sound - the tube, the "flapping" sides or the hinges. Since I am the only driver, I need to rely on my wife's observations, and in her opinion, it's the entire cargo cover that makes the noise. When she puts her hand on the cover, it "shuts up".

I have noticed that the cover is somewhat "quieter" when retracted back into the bin. Unfortunately, having it retracted kind of defeats the purpose of spending $150+ for it. :(

In my case, the noise is virtually constant, low pitch vibrating squeak/rattle. Anyone else is in the same situation? Better yet, anyone using the cover without this annoying sound???

Tim, any insights?
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Never had a problem

I've used the cargo cover about 80% of the time for over a year and I have never had anything like your problem. You might check to make sure it is seated and oriented correctly because the spring loading will hold it in place even if it's rotated. The slot has to be on top facing aft with the logo showing on the top of the cover. If it is seated correctly, then I would say you have a defective one and you should see your dealer about a replacement because they should not do what you have described.

Meep Meep
Thx, RR.

I never paid attention to a logo on the cover (Acura logo, I presume - will take a look tonight).

As far as "correct" installation, I doubt it can be installed incorrectly as the bin holders are shaped in such a way that I do not think they can be installed upside down.

I DESPISE this "surprised" and skeptical look on my dealer's face everytime I report a problem - started with the THUD a year ago all the way to leaky mirrors 3 weeks ago!!! :mad: (apparently, they did not hear about it :mad:)

This cargo-cover problem has "Are you for real" look written all over it yet again!!!!

So, I want to get some ammo before I go in.
Can Be installed Wrong

Actually it is possible to install it wrong and the spring load will hold it in place - although not very well and then it is loose and will rattle. I know because I did it once when installing in the dark. I doubt that this is the problem or you would have already caught it but just in case ................
As far as your dealers attitude, do you have another dealer you can try. I expect, and get, from my dealer prompt attention to anything that is bothering me. I realize that far too many dealers are not like this but it sure is worth seeking out one that is.
Like the last time I was in for routine service, the mechanic gave me a spare cooling coil left over when someone installed the towing option coil. He said that they can be damaged when driving offroad and it's good to have a spare on hand. That kind of extra effort keeps me bringing my X in for all my service.

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vip9 said:
I DESPISE this "surprised" and skeptical look on my dealer's face everytime I report a problem - started with the THUD a year ago all the way to leaky mirrors 3 weeks ago!!! :mad: (apparently, they did not hear about it :mad:)

This cargo-cover problem has "Are you for real" look written all over it yet again!!!!

So, I want to get some ammo before I go in.
It sure sounds like you just need to start visiting another dealer. Either you're on the offensive with them from the start every time you have an issue, or they are really abhorrent at customer service. In any event, I'd personally go somewhere else.

Dunno what to tell you about the cargo cover though.
My cover is quiet; it's retracted most of the time, but has been extended on several 400-1000 mile trips, with no extra noise that would call attention to it. Just for grins, remove it and lubricate the places where it touches body plastic with a little WD-40. If that shuts it up, then WD it when you need to, or try some clear silicone grease (it'll last longer than the WD).

Yeah.. check out my post..

I have the sound cause the part that's attached to the car(both side)
is making the noise.. (either fully pull out or not pulled out at all..)

I am thinking to put something between the car side pannels and the cover's
sides.. but I have not yet find anything black to put in yet..

One thing you might do since you only have it when pulled out.. is not to pull out
untill you park your car. Cause no one will steal your stuff when you are on the way.

My 2¢

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Thanks all for your replies.

TYP - it would completely defeat the purpose to keep opening/closing the cover. It has to be "fully functional" - period!
In my previous car I did not even "know" it existed.

Tim - it may be hard to believe, especially after everything remery is saying about me :D, but I am actually a very non-confrontational and polite person. When my dealer "rolls his eyes" :rolleyes: in disbelief when hearing my complaint, I just keep quiet and then vent on this board, or, as in case of Thud, complain to Acura Corporate.
BTW, Tim, why isn't there a weeping mirror TSB on your site? (at least I did not find it when my dealer asked ME!!!! to bring it in since they did not have nor ever heard of it :mad: )

RR, frostyra - I will try WD-40 and see what happens.

Will report after the weekend
About the bulletins....

It's no secret that they haven't been updated in about 8 months. Worm is going to help me on this, and for this site as well....I've got every bulletin that Acura ever made on the MDX on its way to him for scanning purposes. I believe that mirror bulletin is here somewhere though.
OK, after a long weekend of experiments, my c.c. is as loud as ever.

WD-40 was not applied due to the fact, that after NUMEROUS attempts to shake my car by hand :), I "narrowed" the noise down to inside the tube (bin, whatever the name is)

Applying WD-40 to bin-holders is not necessary as mine has some felt around the edges. ( I am sure everyone's is the same), and the hinges at the edge of the cover are silent.

I'll wait till a scheduled maint. appt. to bring it up with my dealer unless it becomes really unbearable.
I hear ya...

When I got the cover about 4 months ago, I had the same problem with noise... My SUV started to sound as a truck going with an empty cargo! Although, it happened only when going over 50 miles, or over the bumps (oh, wait, that's THUDDDDDD!!!!!) I had to retract it, and the noise was gone. Later on, I guess I just got used to the noise or I got deafer ;), or maybe its a few new CDs... No problems now. Another noise observation - whenever I turn off the sound system I'm picking up some strange noises all over - like the truck will just fall apart. Every time I hear them, I remember the words of my repair shop guy from 'good old days' - if you hear strange noise, just crank up the value of your audio. If it ain't broke, don't fix. So far, I live happy (dangerous - maybe, but that's my middle name too) :D
Interesting. We have had the cargo cover from day 1 of receiving our MDX and have had no noise issues whatsoever. We have it extended for much of that time (~80%) and no problems.

Could be a defective cargo cover where the inner mechanisms or springs are causing some issues.

Good Luck! :)
Seat belts

Just got my cargo cover today. I think I put it in right - but is it me, or do the 3rd row seat belts get in the way on the sides? Maybe I need to look at it again.

How did you fold your 3rd row seats if the belts were still attached?

You need to detach them from the base at the seat. Use a key or a small screw-driver - there is a tiny slot.

Once you disconnect them, I tucked them under a part of the belt that is attached to the d-pillars.
Easy - just fold the seats! I did disconnect the belts - didn't see any easy place to fasten them though. I kinda tucked them in as you suggested - we'll see if they stay!

The manual seemed to reference hooks, but again, I didn't see any neat way to use them.
There are clips on the belt itself. Simple. Just clips onto the other side of the belt run.

<b>3rd row seat belt trick</b>

What we did was leave the belts attached,
fold the seats down,
pull the belts so that they are extended to the point where they loop down to the cargo floor,
hold them in place with a binder clip,
and close the cargo cover.

Now the cargo cover is closed and the belts are out of the way.

This makes it easier for my wife, cause unlatching the belts is a little difficult for her. :)
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