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Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

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Hi All,
I would like to replace my front license plate frame, I was searching the net and saw a carbon fiber frame for a motorcycle so I thought that would be a good option.
Searching the net, all I've been able to locate are peoples personal web pages with carbon fiber frames in their cars but I can't find a source for them.
Anyone know where to buy these?
Also, what is your opinion on the carbon fiber frame? I like the looks but I also don't want to be getting something if it is/was a burnt out fad.
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Carbon Fiber


I have been using carbon fiber for YEARs. It is very useful in vehicles in certain applications. Since I race motorcycles...Carbon fiber is proven to reduce weight. Also can sustain crashes and high impact contact better than plastics or ABS plastics. Hell...My leather suit even have cabon fibre in it for protection. Am currently having a friend who specializes in mold injections do Carbon fibre shift knob, and all the areas where the X have the wood simulated materials on it. Its going to LOOK GREAT on black on ebony interior. If things turn out really well...I may sell them to members who are interested. Am also working on carbon fiber roof racks, bike racks for the car. and also convert the Acura front emblem and rear emblems into carbon fiber.
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