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Helping someone with a 2005 Honda Odyssey, cousin to the MDX when you're under the hood.

They replaced the starter and it wouldn't start, and I found them buying a battery to try that. Battery's fine and told them to return it. Solenoid thunks when tries to start (verified by feel and sound). I bench tested the old starter with jumper cables, neg on case and pos spanning trigger and terminal. Worked like a charm. Hmm.

Owner said it happened before in a parking lot, but they waited, tried again, and it started. Luckily, they made it home where it is parked.

All electrics work (dash, radio, windows, headlights) and battery shows 12.4v. Only thought is a damaged pos cable between battery and starter terminal, but have yet to tear into it. Another is the starter shaft is hitting something preventing the solenoid contacts from closing. Any other ideas? Owner is relying on relatives car in mean time.
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