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To all those interested, the following is a link to a thread started by Knightman with minor contributions form yours truly.

It started nasty at first, :( , but developed into an informative thread.

Brief summary based on Knightman's experience (at least my understanding of it)

1. Get the car quickly and for less $$$
2. Believe in Acura's ability to build reliable cars, but also get an extended warranty
3. Be in position to take the car back to Canada if something serious develops (Knightman says that Canadian warranty is still in effect even if the car is registered in US - I have doubts, but he, I guess, knows better at this time)
4. Acura TLC, roadside assistance, etc remain in effect.
5. No Nav, No non-Touring, plus DRLs

Obviously, it would be nice to have some of these "perks" written down by a dealer in the contract just to be "safe".

Here is the link...
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