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California Carduster

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Has anyone used the "California Carduster"? It is one of those dust mop looking things that you use to remove the dust and dirt from your car between washings. I looked at one recently at WalMart and it said that the carduster has its strands coated with a parifin that removes the dust.

My Black MDX is a real beauty, but it really shows the dirt, so I would like to use something like this between washings.

I am wondering if anyone has used this type of thing, and is there any potential harm in using it?


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I've had a California duster for several year, and it is still working fine. I mainly use it this time of year to get off the pine pollen that covers everything every few hours. I also use it to clean the dust off my lawn tractor after I mow. As others have mentioned, it doesn't do anything for streaks, bugs, sap, etc., but it takes loose dust off great.
- Conrad
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