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Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz

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I have noticed two problems with my X.

First, My door lock knob rattles when the stereo is on ( with the beats ), or when I go over bumps. I'm talking about the actually plastic component that moves up and down when you unlock and lock the door. I have isolated this by placing my finger on it ( literally ) and immediately dampening the buzz.

Secondly, my sub rattles also. Again it occurs with every beat.

Because i have no faith in my dealer, does any one know how I can fix this myself?

Thanks in Advance
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What a Shame ...

How very sad that your dealer given you this feeling. You paid a sizable amount for the MDX, this price includes a factory warranty. I believe that the dealer should repair the problems, that is their job. If they can't, they need to get help.

The MDX is wonderful; however, this needs to be backed by a caring, competent manufacturer.

.... Just my opinion but this really saddens me ....
I agree fully also.

Unfortunately where I live there is only one ACURA dealer and they certainly do have the "monopolly is ours" view.

The only reason I bought there is because of the fact that they had the x ready to go when I showed up for the preliminary research.

Certainly it was the vehicle, not the dealership, that sold me my vehicle.
Maybe a Proactive Approach ....

Naimdxer ...

You might try talking to the service manager and asking him to assign a competent mechanic. Mechanics are people, some are better mechanics than others. Your complaints are certainly not ones that will take a rocket scientist to diagnose and repair, just someone who will look, take care not to hurt in the looking, and then effect repair.

If that doesn't work, then UNLOAD ON ACURA CUSTOMER CARE. Their goal in life should be to insure that you have a good ownership experience.

Soooo .... maybe a straight forward approach will work. If not, SCREAM HOLLY HELL. I know it's a pain, but right is right. Why should you repair a vehicle under warranty? You may find that demanding what is rightfully yours will result in you getting what you are entitiled to.

Good luck .... Steven
Me too

I'm sorry to say that I have the exact same problem with my door lock too. As I realize there could definitely be worse things to have to deal with, I have found a work-around. LOCK THE DOOR. That seems to work for me. As my dealer is 2 hrs away, I've opted not to try to take it in to have them go on a mouse hunt to find out why it does that. Call me lazy, tolerant, whatever----- but whenever I hear the buzz, I lock the door and it's gone.

At this point, everything else that's beautifully right with the X outweighs this one thing.
Sorry you guys are having the problem....
But remember all the post where people wanted auto lock whenever the MDX was in gear...well, maybe the things is a built in sensor telling the driver to lock up :D

I would suggest writing a strong letter and take it up with the regional parts and service manager and a call to service manager at your dealer....

So far, my 'x is buzz....

But the cover to the jack keeps coming off...:mad:

Thanks for the tips guys,

Ironically, mine makes more buzzing when I have the door locked.

I have taken it to the dealer twice and they say there are not sure what to do about it. (They also had no had no idea about the TSB regarding the Weeping Mirrors and when I gave the a copy of the pdfs posted elsewhere on the site, they told me it applied only to vehicle destined for the US)

With that, I rapidly lost faith in my dealer....

It's funny, but in our city, the dealer tries portray an aura of "prestige and exclusivity" surrounding their products and service. Given that I'm only 27 , I find that I often get brushed off at the dealer ( even though I drive the flagship of the ACura line.) and my complaints about the vehicle ( I have only been in with one other problem - the noisy ACura Wind deflector) seem to always go unheard and unexplained. I think it makes them appear "snobby" and elitist, certainly not consistent with the "Affordable Luxury" claim that Acura Canada seem to tag along.

Just in comparison, my dad has a certain Italian sportscar that one automatically associates with "snobbery" but whenever it goes to the dealer in vancouver for servicing, the dealer is very laid back and welcoming not only to it's customers but even to those individual who don't own these cars.

Principle are Principles; perhaps Acura Canada could actually take lessons in customer service from the Italians, Germans or even just Toyota.

Sorry, I just needed to Vent.

Frustrated in Edmonton
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TSBs in USA and in Canada

Sorry to hear about your problem with the vehicle and that you are not happy with the dealership.

It is a fact however, that Acura in Canada and Acura in the USA are two totally separate companies. This means that the warranty on your "Canadian" vehicle is no good in the USA and vice versa. It is my understanding that this even extends to the TSBs. To be fair, I don't think that you can fault your dealer for such a policy. Rather, blame Honda since it is their policy.

I understand that the Canadian dealers don't have a TSB regarding the weeping mirrors even though they do in the USA.
Maybe the mirrors only weep once in the Spring, after everything is thawed. :D :D

sorry, could not resist. I think Canada is great, look forward to exploring it more in
my X next year after delivery.
megabuck2 -- my jack cover kept popping off also, until I inspected it to see why. It has a couple of "interference" areas on either side that are intended to keep it in place. Put the bottom in first, then the top, and then push hard on both sides to snap them into place. Worked for me.
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