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Buying wait list position

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I was recently offered a wait list position for a new MDX by an individual for $1500 over MSRP. The vehicle will be available within a week. Does anybody know how does this work i.e. can I buy the position and go to the dealer and buy directly or would the car first have to be purchased by the original owner and then resold to me? My preference would be to buy directly from the dealer - wondering if anybody has done this or know about such transaction.

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That is ridiculus. Look at Roger's posts in the past. The list is controlled by the Dealer. If an individual wants to sell his spot on the list, that might not be acceptable to the dealership. At least, the ones I know of said, they would not sell it to anyone other than the one on the list. Be aware. Just wait and get it when it's your turn.
GCK said:
That is ridiculus. Look at Roger's posts in the past. The list is controlled by the Dealer...
I agree. If somebody drops out, the vacancy should go to the people on the list, not to be used to cheat out more money from people who are out there looking and add the wait time to people already on the list.

What dealership is doing that? Many of us would like to know.
Yes, I would like to know what dealership offered you this since I know that I was bumped out of my place. There is nothing I can do about being bumped except wait. I am not interested in going to a southern dealership to purchase and drive home. I have tried other local dealerships but they would just place me at the bottom of their lists.
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