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Buying out of Area?- Service back home?

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Two weeks ago I placed a deposit for on a SS premium Nav from a local dealer her in metro Boston. I had checked all the local dealers and this one had the shortest wait time and no gouging. I was told I would get delivery in May. I found a few days later and since have learned a lot from everyone-THANKS.

Here's my question/dilema

After reading tons of threads I learned that some have been able to get an X sooner by locating one out of the area (like out of state-many miles away) Like everyone who is waiting I want my X yesterday.

I have located an SS touring Nav down south I could have the end of this month. It coincides with a planned vacation so I have the time to get it. It does have touring which I could go for.

I called my local sales guy and asked him if I added touring would I get my X sooner. He said yes- probably a month sooner, maybe more, but no guarentees.


1. If I buy out of state will I be treated the same by the service people back home? (I've had Audi's and the local dealer had a box on the service slip to check if the car was bought from them or elsewhere- My first one wasn't and I felt like I was treated second class because I didn't buy from them, the later cars bought from them they were O.K.)

2. Should I trust my local sales guy to get it sooner and just be patient and wait an not deal with the out of state shuffle?

Any input would be appreciated

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I also have my "X" on order at the same dealership whose showroom is under renovation. They gave me the same line
about additional allocation based on the expected larger showroom.
I have also put a deposit down at another area Acura dealer, and they have also called with much improved delivery date. So, I haven't seen any benefit from their renovation.
Oh, and by the way, when they called to tell me the expected
delivery date, I mentioned the other dealer had given me virtually the same delivery date, and since I'm paying MSRP already, I told them the first one to deliver gets the business.
All of a sudden I'm told they can throw in Wheel Locks, Cargo Tray, and Mud Flaps if I go with them.

Wow, maybe I do have some leverage to negioate a better deal as the delivery date gets closer!!!!

Great to have a site like this to share info, huh???
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I sent you a PM with this info...
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