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Buying out of Area?- Service back home?

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Two weeks ago I placed a deposit for on a SS premium Nav from a local dealer her in metro Boston. I had checked all the local dealers and this one had the shortest wait time and no gouging. I was told I would get delivery in May. I found a few days later and since have learned a lot from everyone-THANKS.

Here's my question/dilema

After reading tons of threads I learned that some have been able to get an X sooner by locating one out of the area (like out of state-many miles away) Like everyone who is waiting I want my X yesterday.

I have located an SS touring Nav down south I could have the end of this month. It coincides with a planned vacation so I have the time to get it. It does have touring which I could go for.

I called my local sales guy and asked him if I added touring would I get my X sooner. He said yes- probably a month sooner, maybe more, but no guarentees.


1. If I buy out of state will I be treated the same by the service people back home? (I've had Audi's and the local dealer had a box on the service slip to check if the car was bought from them or elsewhere- My first one wasn't and I felt like I was treated second class because I didn't buy from them, the later cars bought from them they were O.K.)

2. Should I trust my local sales guy to get it sooner and just be patient and wait an not deal with the out of state shuffle?

Any input would be appreciated

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I'd ask: "if I purchase an MDX from you, what benefits will your service department extend to me when my vehicle requires servicing?" Then ask, casually, "if someone doesn't purchase the vehicle from you but just brings it in, do they receive the same benefits?" Doesn't hurt to ask.
That is a good suggestion to test your dealer. You may be able to get some free servervices from the local dealership. On the other hand. free service is useless from dealer out of town. But, you can ask for free stuff.
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