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I did a search and only found one thread about this from 2011. So I wanted to revive the discussion.

I understand the mantra "Why Be Gentle, It's a Rental!" But I found a 2016 Base MDX SH-AWD with AWP with 13k miles for only $38k. That's the price of 2014 MDX Advance.

I'm afraid to ask, how 'bad' can a 1 yr old 13k miles MDX be? 13k miles is alot for a loaner, that's about 250miles a week every week. I average 50 miles a week. So its basically been driven almost every single day for a year. I would 'think' that most MDX drivers are mature adults / professionals. Also on the flip side, for 1 owner used cars - u never know if the previous owner of a car had a lead foot and drove the X like nascar. What does it mean when a car has been 'titled' ? is that a negative thing? It's not like salvaged/abandoned title, right?

Right now my two top choices are:

2014 MDX Advance/Ent 32k Miles for $37,500 (Car fax is clean, but does not have any service records at all after it was first sold)

2016 MDX SH-AWD AcuraWatch Plus (base model) 13k miles Loaner

Which would you choose?!
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