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I've had my new CPO 2014 MDX Adv Ent for 3 days now and its been such a positive experience. Now I just want to keep my baby looking new. First order of business is bumper protection. I think I'm going to get the Rear Bumper Protector metal to protect the top of the bumper. I will purchase this from Tim's website and install it with 3m double sided tape.

As for the front and rear bumpers themselves. This is what I am thinking of for the rear bumper:

Not as pretty as bumper bully, but it protects the corners.

For the front, the only thing i could find were extra thick license plate frames

Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations of anything else?

As a side note, I used to have stainless steel brush bars on both front and back on my 2001 MDX, but those got banged up real quick and I took them off. Waste of $800 bucks.


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