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Hey Mesa,

I'd want to vent, too. While I'm quite happy I didn't buy the RX300, I sometimes wish that I was buying the bettter dealer service that comes along with a Lexus purchase (my mom has an ES400, and my parents both echo that they've had nothing but perfect service). I'm still waiting on my CD changer (I drove my car off the lot and have yet to find <i>any</i> CD that doesn't skip in the OEM changer. It took my 45 minutes of convincing (with less than 300 miles on the odometer) that I should expect a $40K vehicle to have some reasonable tolerance to skipping in the CD changer (that happens to be part of a $2600 option package).

Fortunately (tipped off on this forum about "the thud" I had them inspect the relevant nuts prior to delivery, and I haven't seen that problem.

I'm still waiting for my changer, and hope that I will see better service than you've expected. American Honda officials beware--you better deliver more than a good vehicle (with strong service and support from Lexus and BMW) if you plan to keep sales strong after the initial honeymoon period.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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