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Broken Sway bar

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I just want to know if anyone has the same problem as me :
I have broken sway bar in the rear driver's side and the dealer I went to told me that the part is in back-order and they don't know when they will get.
Anyone knows if it is dangerous or harmful to the car by keeping driving with a broken sway bar ? The service guy told me it is ok beause the sway bar just keep the car from leaning in a turn. But every time I make a right turn where there is a curb I heard a "scrubbing kind of noise" but no noise when there is no curb.

The other is weeping mirror. Does anyone have probem (wind noise) after fixing it ? I want to get it done but afraid of the probem afterward.
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Darn Thing Broke Again

We just had the left rear sway bar link break for the 2nd time!!

The MDX only has 30,500 miles on it and isn't quite 3 years old.

What the heck is the problem here? If the part was defective, looks like Acura is replacing defective parts with defective parts.

Don't know if this is going to be problematic again (maybe it was a short time period batch issue??); but there is an "active" poll regarding how widespread the problem may be. I'm leaning toward a batch issue, since it hasn't come up in almost 2 years.
Did anyone notice a slight tilt to their X after the break? I just bought a used X and when I look at from behind I feel that it tilts ever so slightly to one side.

Could one of the suspension parts is busted which could cause one side to be putting more weight on the springs.

I need to crawl under or get it on a lift to look.


We're getting to be experienced with the link failure, have now lost 2.

Anyway, there was no visible lean (tilt) in either instance. You might want to look elsewhere (e.g. weak spring, etc.).

Silly question, I assume you looked at the X when it was level and the wheels pointing straight ahead?
yes it is level in the garage. The tilt is slight and could be an optical illusion with the garage door. I need to measure and make sure.
141 - 145 of 145 Posts
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