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Broken Sway bar

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I just want to know if anyone has the same problem as me :
I have broken sway bar in the rear driver's side and the dealer I went to told me that the part is in back-order and they don't know when they will get.
Anyone knows if it is dangerous or harmful to the car by keeping driving with a broken sway bar ? The service guy told me it is ok beause the sway bar just keep the car from leaning in a turn. But every time I make a right turn where there is a curb I heard a "scrubbing kind of noise" but no noise when there is no curb.

The other is weeping mirror. Does anyone have probem (wind noise) after fixing it ? I want to get it done but afraid of the probem afterward.
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here is another

Mine is in for the same thing as pictured above. The service tech called it a broken drag link.
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