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Break Paddle Wiggles

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Brake Paddle Wiggles

May be I'm just a little bit paranoid. But I found the brake paddle of my new MDX kind of wiggles from side to side. Is it normal in all MDX ?
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That's normal...

It used to bug me - but now I think I've got used to it (a year later).

Honda likes a bit of "wiggle room" for their brake paddles. Both my X and Ody wiggle a bit. Now, if they start "waggling", time to bring it in for servicing.;)
lateral movement

Mine wiggles too. Took twice to dealer for this who says it is normal. Guess I'm used to it now.
Gee, I never noticed that before.

Aw Shucks! Now I'm going to have to go drive it somewhere and check it out. ;)

a little bit paranoid
So was I initially but after a while I just got used to it. Funny thing is once and a while I feel it wiggle and get all paranoid all over again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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