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Brake Problems - clicks and clunks

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2007 mdx sport - I replaced my front rotors and pads - AC delco ceramic and parts store premium rotors.
I followed a youtube video on how to do it, everything went ok, I did the job and drove for a couple days and it was all good.
Then i started hearing a metallic click click noise when I went from drive to reverse and applied the brakes. I took the drivers side tire and caliper off and noticed the brake hose was tight and it had a tight loop in it - i must have spun the caliper once while doing the job and tightened the hose. I spun the caliper around - got rid of the loop in the line so its nice and straight, put it back together.
The metallic clicking sound is still there when going from forward to reverse and braking, but now there is also a clunk clunk clunk noise while driving forward and turning left that you can feel through the steering wheel thats in rhythm with the speed of the car.

There were no shims with these pads and I read about the pads moving in place when going from forward to reverse and making a metallic sound, but this clunking sound has thrown me for a loop.
Bad caliper?
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Hi, were you able to pinpoint the cause of noises?
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