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I have a simple question.
I swapped all my rear lights (All brake (6), reverse and turn signals) for LED's. The reverse is fine but my turn signals flash fast and my brake lamp indicator comes on at first press of the brake peddle every startup. I have load resistors on the way to install to address this.
Meantime I have found that my cruise control won't work.
Specifically the on switch to the left of the steering column won't light up. I know the bulb worked recently. Regardless the Cruise control won't engage. I get no dash indication it is on and of course it won't hold speed.

My simple question is does the MDX disable Cruise control when it believes you have a brake light issue? I.e. Once I install my load resistors, replace my bulbs with non LED's, or otherwise fix my brake lamp indicator issue, will my cruise control function be restored or are they independent of each other and I can start to troubleshoot?
I am familiar with the brake switch being related. This is not my question.

I have an 06 MDX, 1st gen.
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