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Got the BOSS sub from:

First: Good news, the factory location has enough depth to allow installation of this sub. The sub is also of much higher quality than the stock sub. It uses metal cone with rubber surrounds. Very heavy with a large magnetic ring.

The bad news: The factory mounting holes does not fit with this sub. (I suspect that most aftermarket sub will not fit). The solution was to use 4 metal brackets. The metal braket has two holes, one attatched to the sub and one attacted to the existing mounting holes. Got them from the radioshack but had to do some cutting. It doesn't look pretty. I'll keep looking to find one that will fit exactly. However, this fix allows the installation of the sub without adding a spacer ring (like some of the people have done here). As long as it works, I'm happy.

One of the extra thing I did was to install 4 sqf of the Dynamate to the back of the sub, attached to the body sheet metal. There are a LOT of space inside to cover! In addition, I added more sound absorbing materials from used pillows to the back of the sub to further dampen the sound. Even with that amound of the work, when listening, I can still feel the outside car pannel vibration from outside of the car.

The final result? No significant drop in bass level (BOSS is 4 ohm) and significant improvement in the QUALITY of the bass. The bass now is tight and accurate. Unlike the factory sub that gives you booming sound, the bass now has the quality mass. To equalize a little bit loss of the volume from bass, I use the Fad control to send about "3 click" of the volme to the rare door speakers. Since the sub gets its volume from the rare door speakers, this helps to balance the sound.

Last week I installed 4 infinity speakers in the front and rare doors. And so with the additional sub speaker change, I feel that the overall sound has finally achieved my requirements. I listen to rock, jazz and classical. I do not need heavy bass but I do want to have a very balanced and smooth sound. I feel that this set up has finally meet my requirements. I believe this modification should be able to satisfy 90% of the people out there. Other 10% will probably have to go with the exteral amps, external sub enclosure and sub amp to have any significant improvement in sound.

Have fun Guys!

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