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Bose Touring Speaker Set on sale

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Hi, folks! If you've read my (too) long Big White Pics thread, you know that I upgraded my speakers. So if you have a base, er, Premium model, now you can have those great ;) Bose speakers yourself!

I'm selling all four Bose door speakers, plus the Bose subwoofer, and a bonus set of Infinity speaker covers (purely for fun). Check out my eBay auction from this link.

As an otherwise unadvertised ORG special, I'll throw in a bottle of wine if the winning buyer of the auction mentions the site.


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Is it easy to replace the Base model speakers/subwoofer? What does it take?
Are the Bose speakers any better than the base?

Thanks, the review would be great.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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