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Bond....James Bond.....

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Well, I finally got to see my MDX. I don't have it yet, and in fact my dealer hasn't seen it yet.

According to my dealer my MDX was shipped 9/17. I tried to get the VIN tracking to work on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad website, but it kept saying it wasn't recognized. I also tried the Union Pacific site, but they don't track by VIN. Frustrated, I called and bothered my dealer over it and they came up with a railcar number for Union Pacific.

Checking the Union Pacific site indicated that my car was in Utah as of 1:00am that very I was off to the train yard.

I tried to get onto the yard, but the security wouldn't let me. So, I started snooping around every place I could get access to the fence. After sneaking through a few people's back yards, and hiking through a lot of mud and weeds, I spied was only visible with binoculars, but it was definitely there. My Black/Black base MDX. It is sitting all alone at the back of the yard. There was a car carrier truck partially loaded sitting not too far away. I know that my car was the only black MDX that was to be delivered this month in Utah (snooped through the dealers order book and checked out his reports), so it has to be mine.

I could see it very clearly with binoculars, but I also took a picture with my digital camera. My zoom isn't sufficient to make it worthwhile. It is only recognizeable in the photo as a black SUV with white plastic on the side and bumpers. Zooming in doesn't help much.

Anyway, it shouldn't be long now. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

The security told me that my dealer could come and pick up the car from the yard if they didn't want to wait for a truck delivery. I have a call in to my dealer.....the salesmanager isn't there yet. I am thinking of just going down there and pressing my nose against his window and when he shows I will kind of, um, kidnap him kicking and screaming and take him up to the railyard. That's only a little illegal, isn't it?
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Wow, congratulations for hanging in all this time! Hope your Aston Martin ;-) appears soon!
This is hilarious--you should be the new poster boy for Acura. Imagine emotionally gripping music with the tag line, "What other vehicle would make you break laws just to get a peek at it..."


Thats the best one yet!! I know your excited but let them truck it in. When the MDX arrives at the dealership, the fluid levels are low, many of the fuses have to be put in all the electronic stuff don't work, it needs to go through the shop. They should not be doing any driving besides loading and unloading until then.
"Happy Motoring" when you get it.
And they say its just a truck :D

Welcome to the X Club !!!


there's gotta be some anti-mdx pill on the way or something. this is the worst case of in-dire-straits-of-my-new-car I've heard of. Enjoy the truck!

All I have to say is it is a very good thing that the rail yard was not using guard dogs. We would then have to annoint you with an avatar looking like the old Coppertone commercials with the dog pulling the little girls bathing suit to show her tan. The only difference would be that you would have a pair of binoculars :D .

Best of luck when you get it !!!

The new action series, "Find that MDX", or "Where in the World is MDX". :) Too funny! :)
Next thing you know, a new sticker on dealer's window:


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That's quite an adventure. i am waiting for my Black/black/Touring MDX to arrive this week. Does anyone know how Acura Ships there cars? I see toyota out on the road with those big trucks and i know BMW ships theirs in enclosed Tractor Trailers. I have never seen any Acura's being shipped
Hey Extremist, welcome to the site!

Given how long it takes to get them, I think they ship them by bulk mail... :)
In the SF South Bay (aka, Silicon Valley), I saw them on open trucks.
First trains, then trucks.

I researched this in detail. All MDXs come into the USA by rail, either BNSF or UP. This avoids problems with driving a truck across the border on a public highway and all the inspections that it would entail. From the destination rail yard they are all trucked.

I am finding that the car sits in the rail yard waiting for a truck for a longer period of time than it took to ship it via rail to its destination. AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

But, today it is scheduled to be trucked the 20 miles from the rail yard to the dealership. Should have it tomorrow!
Control to White Knight, White Knight come in....

White Knight, you have a go on acquiring target. Proceed with caution.

If you are caught, we will disavow any knowledge of you, your target, or your mission.

Control out

Oh yeah, take lots of pictures.... :)

Well, I am now officially an MDX owner! For an entire 30 hours!

It took a lot more time to get that thing out of the rail yard than it did to ship it to Utah from Canada.

I thought I would be able to post a whole bunch of revelations, but the truth is after reading this forum and researching this vehicle in every way I could over the past 6 months, there just wasn't a lot of surprises.

But, here are a couple thoughts:

My favorite thing I didn't know before I received my MDX:
The windows are all etched with a security code. Makes the car very undesireable to professional thieves and chop shops. I have seen aftermarket window codes, but I have never seen this done by a manufacturer. Cool!

My biggest disappointment that I didn't know before I received my MDX:
The passenger seat heater only heats the bottom, and not the back. The owners manual says this is because the sensor for the side air bag (for when the passenger is out of position) is in the seat back, and therefore it is not heated. Bummer. (Pun only slightly intended.)
Honorable mention in this category: I have had 4 cars with the Homelink Transmitter, and all of them had little telltale lights indicating the position of the three buttons so you will push the right one at night. This is the only one I have had that has no illumination whatsoever. I use all three buttons for three different doors (comes with having an 8 car garage), and I have found myself opening the wrong door at night.

The part I expected and it didn't disappoint me:
This thing is sooooo smooth and quiet and powerful and comfortable and roomy. Did I mention smooth? Quiet? Powerful? Well, then how about Comfy? Roomy? Well, let me reiterate......

The part I unfortunately expected and it completely disappointed me:
Weeping mirrors. This thing was built on Sept 13, so it is only 15 days old, and the white stripes down the sides of my car on the black paint are vivid and permanent. How can a water spot become so durable so quickly? This sucks.

The funnest part of the purchase experience:
My salesman was convinced he knew more about this car than I did, so he set out to find something...anything...that he could show me as part of my orientation that I couldn't tell him more about than he knew. It became a real challenge to him. He gave up a couple of times, only to come back with something else a little while later. As a result it took me a long, long time to get out of the dealership because he just wouldn't let me leave until he showed me something I wasn't aware of. Finally, I feigned not knowing how to disconnect and stow the third row seatbelts so I could get out of there. He was soooo happy to have found something I didn't know....then he looked at me quietly for a moment and thanked me for letting him have one...

The worse part of the purchase experience:
These guys really wanted to please me....but they also wanted desperately for me to fill out the questionnaire that will come my way in a few weeks with very favorable marks. So, I spent a lot of time listening to well rehearsed babble on stuff that meant nothing to me (like details on their lease options). But, their questionnaire will ask me if the babble was brought to my attention, so I was required to listen to it. Made for a long afternoon of car purchasing that could have been an afternoon of car enjoyment on the road.

I brow beat my dealer for 6 mos. trying to get him to give me some free stuff...specifically, I wanted a cargo net, and cargo tray, and if they felt really generous, which they of course never did, I also wanted a cargo cover. They did give me a free cargo net, but that was the best deal I could muster. I paid full MSRP, but nothing more, and no forced options. And, they didn't steal my pen out of my packet.

I didn't buy any dealer options...sort of. I did buy chromed wheels, and since I told the dealer I wanted them several months ago, he had a set of base wheels chromed and waiting for when my car was delivered. So, the wheels were on it when I got it. I really like them. I hope I am not sorry in a few years. The price of chrome wheels on cars on his showroom floor were $1900. He sold me a set for what he said was his cost...$900. But, he kept the unchromed wheels that came on my car to have them chromed for the next guy that wants them.

I purposefully didn't put any other cosmetic dealer options on it because....(at the expense of the wrath of everyone who really likes them)....I think they are ugly. This car has such clean lines. I really hate the look of the fender flares and side steps. And, the roof rack and sunroof or rear air deflector really ruin the lines. I have even tried to like the rear mud guards because I can see some value other than cosmetic in them, but they just ruin the look. So, mine will stay simple and clean. On the outside.....

I did buy a kit from and a burlwood shift knob off of ebay. I put them on and I really like them. It brightens up the interior, even if it is just more plastic. Although, I didn't mind the interior the way it came. I could have loved it just the same without the woodgrain trim kit and shift knob.

So, I am an amazingly happy camper. I am going to post pictures in the Gallery section of this site of my Chrome Wheels and Dash Kit.....and of my other stuff. I would be happy to hear your comments.

Assuming I can figure out how to get the pictures to load.....

Thanks for all your help. I am gonna really miss taking all this information in to my dealer every week and having him tell me that I am his primary source of informaiton on this model.

Oh, I highly recommend Mike Hale Acura in Sale Lake City, and specifically Tracy Johnson and his sales manager Rex Gines. They are good guys, seemed very ethical, and I really had a good time with them over the past 6 months. I hope their service department is as good....well actually, I hope I never have to find out.
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Spy Photo

This is a photo of my MDX sitting (forever!) in the rail yard. I had to jump a couple fences, traverse a muddy field and trespass a little bit to get this photo....and this is the best I could get. The black blip with the white platic protector film on the bumpers and on the driver door is my MDX. I checked on it regularly until it disappeared from this spot...I was driving it just hours later.


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You have got to get some kind of prize for this! That's one determined camper to "spy" on your car like that! Hey, you have any kids? Are they/were they teenagers? EEK!

8 car garage huh? Better have heat in the garage to take care of your new baby in the coming months, hee hee!

Again, congrats.
I dorve out of the dealer with my MDX on September 29th as well. Black with Ebony Touring, fender flares, tailgate deflector mudgaurds and rubber floor mats (Lifesaver.) I like the Fender flares, it makes it look sligthly wider and a little more sporty and i love the tailgate deflector its like a mini spoiler, its sweet. i have no complaints yet and i have not seen the weeping mirrors yetalthough it poored here friday night so i don't know what your talking about if someone could tell me exactly what they are it would be great. The bose stereo is great. it has great power and smoth gear shifting. its got some windnoise at high speeds but screw it, its an SUV, i;m sorry its not a BMW and i'm sorry i don;t want to pay 60 grand. An SUV is an SUV its not a mercedes sedan. Are the"Chrome Wheels" that you bought the same ones that come in the touring package or are they different?

Great spy photo. Congrats on the new ride, and welcome to the owners club!

Congrats on the new MDX. Great post, hope you can post some more pics. I love your Roadrunner, reminds me of my high school days of racing around in my1969 Camaro Z28.
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