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Body Side Moldings & Door Dings

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I'm considering getting BSM's, but am curious how well they would actually protect the door. (I know, like my Dad would tell me as I was growing up, "Son, a little protection is better than none at all." That aside.....) For those of us that have door dings, do you think the BSM's would have helped given the curves of the MDX's doors?

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I "lucked out" - no dings in a year of driving and parking on the streets of NYC. I installed BSM as a preventive measure.

I have doubts about its usefulness. Of course, there will be times when "other" doors hit the BSM, just like I am sure there will be other times when they hit unprotected "curved" parts of the MDX.

Also, I personally have reservations about how the BSM looks on the car.
Unfortunately, whether or not you get a lasting ding is based on the angle of attack of the offending party.

Here is Texas, where every vehicle seems to be a 4x4 pickup "dualie" sitting on 5' high "nobody gonna stop ME" all-terrain-and-afghanistan-too tires the curved part of the doors will get zonked, no matter what you do.

However, I matched my BSM up against other cars and it sure LOOKS like their will hit my BSM, not the curved section, so I guess I am taking your father's advice.;)

Actually, contrary to vip, at least on a black MDX, I find the BSM's to enhance the appearance.....they blend in well.
I just added mine . . .

after 2 months, no dings. But I was very careful - I think the biggest risk for dings was in my own garage. After installing, I find they line up perfectly with my Maxima doors. I wasn't sure I wanted to disrupt the clean sided look of the MDX, but after installing, I think they add style to the vehicle.

No regrets, and I think they will work well.
I was trying to decide on whether I should get the BSM on my MDX for the same reason. I had a Ford Windstar, which had real wide side moldings. I had received many dings on my car, so the moldings do not eliminate the dings, just some.

I think there are some dings that the BSM on the MDX will protect, and some it wont. It will just depend on the car next to you. I decided to skip the moldings and just try to watch where I park. If I do get dings, I know that I had all dings on my Windstar removed by one of the dingmaster people with no trace left at all, and without any painting. So if I do get a ding on my MDX, its not the end of the world.

The reasons I personally decided to skip the BSM, which originally I planned to get, was because of worrying that it may come off some day in the future, and how they look like an add-on rather than designed for the car. Most cars with side moldings have recesses for them, so they look like they belonged there. But I really could have gone the other way. My son actually talked me out of it.
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