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Blinkers and hazards lights not working

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Hello....I have a 2004 MDX and tonight coming home I noticed that my turn signals where not working. When I parked in my driveway I put the Hazard lights on and they worked for about 30 seconds and then stopped working also.

I checked the manual and the 7.5V fuse in the inside of the car (driver side) for the turn signals is good. When I lock the car and set the alarm the blinkers seems to work.

I was doing some research and people talk about blinkers not working or stuck on ON inside but always with the hazards my case neither the blinkers nor the hazards are working.

Thanks for the help.
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There should be a relay under the hood for that. See if that's working.
Thanks for the input. I am not familiar with any of this. I assume is in the fuse box under the hood, is it the kind that are square that look like an oversize fuse? I remember seeing three of those, what I am looking for?

Thank you guys!!!..would you guys recommend getting this from Autozone or is better to go to the dealer??...any differences??
Hello guys...I was hoping tochange the relay this morning.....I removed the one nut that is on the panel but that whole box is not coming you happen to know how to remove the box? I assume I have to remove the whole box correct?

Thanks again.
This is what I am looking at.....


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