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Black Molding on door/window

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Has anyone else experience the fading/fingerprints on the black molding of the door when exiting the X?

I have become accustomed to getting out of the X and close the door by placing my hands on the black molding along side the window and shut the door. However now I come to notice my fingerprints fading into the molding changing colors. It is like a white/grayish smear on the location where I press/grab to close the door.

Anyone else notice/experience this? What type of plastic or material is this molding made out of? Should this happen so soon? I have the car for only 1.5 months. Is there something I can treat this with? If not then I guess my only solution it to bring this up to the dealer and have them replace it...that is annoying since once I wash my X and look at it all nice and clean this smudge appears on the molding :mad:

Any thoughts or experience with this?
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Try Meguiars #40 Plastic and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner; works great! Many auto parts places should have it, or places that sell auto paints.
mdxplosion....."interceptr" reported some fading of his B pillars in a previous post. Do a search for "fingerprints" for the thread and some responses.
fading of his B pillars

Thanks octavian I will search for the thread.

frostyra: I look at this pillar and I think it is beyond any treatment at this point. I will keep the product you suggested in mind....

A this point look to the dealer to replace it since it looks ugly and takes away from the car. This shouldnt be after only having the X for 1.5 months.
xPlosion....I would explode if the dealer doesn't do something under warranty. No reason for this to happen to you! I live in Texas and it made it thru the heat this summer with no fading, discoloration or anything, so I suspect a defect in your moulding.

Let us know how your kinder, gentler dealer handles this!
I suspect a defect in your molding.....

....I do as well octavian. I will definitely bring this to their attention since I am due for my first service. I am calling today to setup the appointment and informing the salesman. I will keep you guys posted on this.
Maybe your toxic?

I had a friend growing up that couldn't touch a soda can without the paint coming off on his hands.:eek: He could strip the paint of any soda can just by rubbing his hands on it.:cool:

Weirder things have happened.
if the dealer doesn't do something under warranty

Stop by the dealer on Mon. and they took a look at the molding and how it is fading and they immediately ordered me another one, they changed my oil, gave me touch up paint, and adjusted the windshield washer nozzles and they will be calling me when the part (molding) gets in and schedule to have it installed and get all the TSB's I am a happy camper at this point. I cant wait to get rid of the weeping mirrors!!!!! That is annoying!!!!
whoa, whoa, whoa, have a 2002! I thought the weeping mirror problem was corrected with the new mirror assembly. Are you saying you have a problem, like us 2001ers?:mad: I got my problem fixed, but was unaware of any 2002 problems with weeping mirrors.

But glad you got your moulding problem fixed. Are you SURE you took it to an ACURA dealer?;) They sound like a winner to me......don't forget to post your happy:D comments in the dealer thread on this site. Maybe all the training they are getting to be more Lexus-like is paying least for some of them.

the weeping mirror problem

Yeah Octavian the weeping mirror exists on the 2002. Awe man I hate that [email protected] I think the 2002 has it worse (I havent seen a 2001) but my X weeps BAD! I cant even get home out of the detail shop to park and let it sit and dry before it spalshes my entire side :mad: So I cant wait till I get that taken care of....

Does the weeping mirror TSB really work? I hope so...just wondering since you had it done to your X....could you let me know.
Bad news, Xplosion.....I don't recall seeing other posts from 2002 owners with weeping mirrors, but I could be mistaken. I could have sworn I read that the new assembly fixed the problem, but obviously not!:mad:

Yes, the TSB for the 2001 mirrors worked first time, every time. The dealer had done it many times before so it was a piece of cake. Before that, I did not get any spray, per se, but I did get the drip drip drip down the door after a wash.

You may want to post a separate thread on this with the 'problems' forum to see if there are any TSB's on 2002 weepers....and get the problem fixed, the sooner the better, right?;)
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