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Big vehicle

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Okay. I have to admit that the MDX is a big vehicle. I have a hard time getting it all wiped down with my chamois before the water dries and gives me spots.

Any suggestions.:rolleyes:
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Do the final rinse with distilled, deionized, or reverse-osmosis (RO) water. Water processed by these means are exceptionally low in dissolved salts and the like. Small undersink RO devices are relatively inexpensive (~$100) and provide an excellent source of water for drinking, icemakers, fish tanks, houseplants, etc.
Had the same issue early on.
Final rinse should be a sheeting type action without the spray nozzle. Find shade ASAP, my black dries quickly!
Absorber works well and quickly. Good luck!
I wash early in the morning and my house shades the sun at that time.

I use an absorber to wip away the excess water, then follow it with a soft 100% cotton rag (old tee shirts with all the seems cut out works for me). The cotton leaves lint, but the first time you drive the MDX, the lint flies off.
I wash early in the morning or evening to avoid direct sun and talkative neighbors.

I use an absorber (fake chamios) to remove the excess water and follow-up with a 100% cotton towel. Check out the factory seconds from Fieldcrest (sorry, don't remember the web address). These towels are high quality, very absorbent and don't leave lint on the MDX.

Last but not least, a good coat of wax will also help prevent spots.
bdespain said:
Okay. I have to admit that the MDX is a big vehicle. I have a hard time getting it all wiped down with my chamois before the water dries and gives me spots.

Any suggestions.:rolleyes:
Early morning or early evening is the preferred time to wash your vehicle. Should be free of spots, good luck! :cool:
Well, I got my two teenage kids to help me dry the car as fast as we can. That is three times faster. (No, they are not allowed to drive the MDX) :D:D:D
Use a leaf blower and blow it dry.

As Seen On TV...

Sorry to direct you there...but it's a great product for NO SPOTS. I'm lazy...what can I say? But don't take my word for it...another MEGA POSTER just ordered it and will be able to TEST DRIVE it this weekend. :)

Meanwhile you can search "Revolutionizer" and it should take you to my earlier post...back when I was just a "young'n"
Big, big, big MDX

You're right. One doesn't realize how big this SUV is until you have to wash it, dry it, polish it, clean windows.... It took me by surprise the first time I did it.
If you can, you can try what I used to do with my BMW. Right after rinsing, I would drive it for a couple of minutes as fast as I could (within reason and safety, of course), then bring it back to my driveway and dry the leftover, if any, by hand. It did help and it was fun at the same time :D
spaniard, I live in Texas where you can fry eggs on your head....I go to a manual car wash, 2.5 miles from my house. I only use the rinse...bring my wheel cleaner, lambswool mitt, and soap spray. I do not dry there.....

When I finish, I make a beeline for my home garage and wipe with a microfiber towel, followed by 100% cotton. Any iffy spots are sprayed with Z6 (a kind of Quick Wax if you are not familiar with Zaino products) and voila! I have never had problems with any water spotting.
I live in an area with very hard water and I get spots everywhere too.

When drying the car, I've been using the detailing spray by Zaino (Z-6, I think?) and it really does the trick. I'm sure any detailing spray will work.

I just spray a small shot on the section I'm going to dry and all the water comes off with the spots (plus, there seems to be no streaks.)

I'm also known to use a leaf blower to blow off the excess water but lately, I find it's easier to just drive around the block to get the excess H2O off.
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