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I wanted to wait a bit to tell you all about this until it came together a little more.

Saturday July 6th there is going to be a HUGE Acura/Honda meet to be held in Western New York, quite possibly right here at Ray Laks!

We are at this point expecting about 300 cars coming from all over the US and Canada, members from,,, will be there, and hopefully the memberships of,, and will be here as well!

I happened to mention this to American Honda, and they are excited about an event such as this and want to be involved! I almost know to what extent and I'll let everyone know the details as they become available. Let's just say lots of exciting things will happen if I have my way :D

As more and more people find out about this, more and more want to come. We've got offers from DJs and possibly people from import performance magazines all coming into town.

More details as they become available, so clear your calendar in preparation! Plan to come on up and say hi! :)
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