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Better than Ventvisors...

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(scroll down the linked web page)
I am not sure everyone got this message.
But hondacuraworld should offer these deflectors as an alternative to Ventvisors. They are optically more clear, fit more precisely (DO NOT REQUIRE TAPE) and have a lighter tint. In my own experience with a minivan, they also seemed quieter.
They are made in Germany and sold by Weathertech. Deflectors for MDX to be available soon according to WT. Their hood deflectors look interesting as well. I had one of my old (less than 2 years) visors come out, the tape was worn. After ordering the WT's the difference in quality was obvious.
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Looks very nice! :)

Thanks for the info! They do look really nice.. I should consider about installing them when they are available for the X. :) :)

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