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Best So Cal Acura Dealer???

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Hi everyone,

To all of those who have done business with dealers in Southern California, which ones are the best and the worst? And which ones were the most negotiable?

Thanks a lot- John
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We just bought a 2002 Touring/Nav [White] from Metro Acura, paid MSRP [no required accessories]. Contacted them on a Monday 12/24/2001, filled out paperwork on a Wednesday 12/26, MDX came in on Friday 12/28, picked it up on Saturday 12/29. They even threw in a "Christmas Teddy Bear" to boot!!

I have never paid MSRP for a vehicle in my life [up until now] but I must admit, if I were an Acura dealer, I would charge MSRP as well. Someday Honda will finish the new plant and supply will increase and market forces will take over. Until then, why should a dealer sell below?
Metro Acura Sales "Person"

In response to rflagg ....

I dealt with Stacy Staton at Metro Acura and she was wonderful [courteous, attentive, responsive, yada yada yada ...]. If you are going to buy an MDX in SCAL, I don't see how you can do better than Metro or Stacy [they both are 10s in my book]. If you're interested, Metro's number is 909-626-6000.

We're very pleased with the MDX, hope you enjoy yours ....:)
Ira Feldman, rflagg & Metro Acura

Ira ... Just realized I never replied to your first msg. You might have seen our MDX on the delivery drive or another white Touring that was being delivered [2 on same day] ... Steven of srpbep.

rflagg ... Seems like customers are being treated consistently well at Metro [probably can't go wrong]. If Metro doesn't have an MDX available, try calling Nelson vanSant [Acura of Pasadena,
626-792-7979]. He just called me and said they have some coming in. I can't vouch for Pasadena but Nelson does seem nice. He did say that they would sell at MSRP with no mandatory accessories ... Good luck ... Steven
Accessories: Tim or Acura of Pasadena

Regarding purchase of accessories:

(1) Tim's prices will actually be lower because you don't pay sales tax [8%]. This is normally offset by shipping charges; however, Tim pays for the shipping.

(2) Now that I have mentioned that Tim is actually somewhat less expensive, I would buy from Tim for a totally different reason. It appears to me that Tim supports the AcuraMDX web site and makes efforts to assist the members. While some might argue that Tim has profit motives, I see Tim as accepting a "very reasonable profit" AND making a contribution.

I admit that I am a new owner [late Dec for our 2002 MDX], but have already purchased from Tim and he has already provided me with guidance and suggestions. Additionally, I have seen his footprint in many places on the web site. My previous experience with car clubs and owner organizations has convinced me to that supporting businesses like Tim's that support the clubs/organizations CREATES A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP [these are the ones that last over time].

Hope my opinions don't ruffle feathers [I am told that I am opinionated]!!
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1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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