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Best So Cal Acura Dealer???

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Hi everyone,

To all of those who have done business with dealers in Southern California, which ones are the best and the worst? And which ones were the most negotiable?

Thanks a lot- John
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Metro Acura salesmen

srpbep & srpbep

Who sold you your MDX at Metro Acura? Did you like the experience? I want to give them a call, but I don't want to deal with the first available salesman.



My prior message should have been directed at:
ifeldman & srpbep

RedRock 188 ordered at Metro Acura

ifeldman & srpbep,

Thanks for the info. Before you both replied, I read RGWomack's announcement that Acura Dealers can now have a particular configuration added to their allocation.

I got excited and asked to speak to the fleet person at Metro Acura. (Chuck Hershey) Anyway, he did not want money from me. He had me fill out (via FAX) a credit application.

He expects to have the vehicle be delivered by mid-march.

So, now I have Valencia, Pasadena, Van Nuys, Metro, and Cerritos looking for my RedRock 188.

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I second the motion!


I second what you have said about Tim. I hope to get delivery of my RedRock sometime next month. When that happens, I'll be ordering over $1200 worth of accessories from Tim.

The only dealer accessories that I'll get from the Dealer are the ones they give away for free! (Which will nada!)

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