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Be careful on 3750 1st oil change

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I recently had my first check up and was informed that the dealer will only change the oil and not the filter. I would definitely reccommend that you guys pay for the filter if you have to. There could be small metal pieces from engine during break-in and I believe they need to be removed. I actually broke my vehicle in for the first 1000 miles under 55 miles per hour and alternated the rpms when driving. I had my first check up at 3000 miles and have them change oil and filter. I plan to follow a 3 month 3000 mile interval for oil changes. I will make sure to do the 7500 real axle fluid which everyone says is so importment to keep up with also. I was shocked to find out about no oil filter on first check up:D
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7500 mile oil change may vary

In the northeast my dealer siad reccommended is 3750 for break in. You are correct that there are certain break in items in oil but can change and acura recommends changes based on the area you live it is possible for 7500, but in my opinion the break in is done after 3000 miles. I believe it is important to break in for the firat 1000 miles by going under 55 miles per haour and varying rpm's is most important for the break in oil to take effect. I was able to get a free oil change coupon from dealer which I had to use by 2/14/02 so figured I use this for my 3000 oil change, then at 4000 miles I will do my first check up which will only replace the oil no the filter, which I will pay for myself(no sense in changing oil if don't do filter), then i will follow up at the 7500 for next complete oil change and rear axle fluid. Going forward I will follow the 3000 miles or three months for oil changes. Take it from someone who has engine specialists in the family and have seen the inside of upward 3000-5000 engines, do the oil changes it makes a big difference down the road on the longivity and power of the engine. Think od it as the blood line of your car, and for $24.95 at most it's worth the piece of mind. Once you abuse the engine with lack of fresh oil you cannot go back!!:D
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