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Be careful on 3750 1st oil change

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I recently had my first check up and was informed that the dealer will only change the oil and not the filter. I would definitely reccommend that you guys pay for the filter if you have to. There could be small metal pieces from engine during break-in and I believe they need to be removed. I actually broke my vehicle in for the first 1000 miles under 55 miles per hour and alternated the rpms when driving. I had my first check up at 3000 miles and have them change oil and filter. I plan to follow a 3 month 3000 mile interval for oil changes. I will make sure to do the 7500 real axle fluid which everyone says is so importment to keep up with also. I was shocked to find out about no oil filter on first check up:D
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Whether you go by the Normal or Severe conditions schedule, the owner's manual and service manual BOTH specify oil and filter changes together. Normal conditions specify 7500-mile/12 mo. change intervals, while Severe conditions specify 3750-mile/6 mo. change intervals. You can find places in the service manual that allow Normal service filter change at 15,000 miles or 12 mo., but DON'T short-change your engine on either oil or filter changes -- do 'em together. If you pay this much for a vehicle, it doesn't make sense to skimp on maintenance -- ever.
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