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Just had my 3000 mile check up today and had a few notes for the car/suv lovers.
1. Was able to get the filter change at no charge just for the asking pretty good I was ready to pay the cost of the filter:D
2. When putting my x on the lift the service tech didn't check to see if all 4 lift were clearing the side steps. After jacking up on the frame on 3 sides. one was lifted up on the sidesteps. They bent very slightly and returned to oringinal shape after he corrected. I was amazed when I brought it to his attention he told me it was nothing to worry about because the other three sides were touching safely. I told him I wasn't worried about his safety, only the safety of my MDX and insisted that he correct right away! If I wasn't there watching who know's
3. I'm a little disappointed with the quality of the repair personel at the dealers. Don't get me wrong some are very knowledgable and good. I couldn't believe the person, said don't worry. This is a $40,000 vehicle and he didn't even really care. I guess the old story is true if you want something done precisely do it yourself!!
Just a little bit of my opinion.:D

P.S. MDX owners check for a small oil leak under your baby's because I saw one of the advanced tech doing the TSP for the oil leak on one of the 2001 mdx's. It wasn't a pleasant sight the entire front sub-frame has to be dropped to get to the area to patch it up. Acura couldn't come up with a better fix than the patch or weld. Another shock to me. I guess it's still better than the problems the x-5 bmw and the mercedes are having. Keep on top of a small oil leak for this service:eek:
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