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Robin Thompson here from British Columbia. I finally registered after 'stealing' a look or nugget of information or two from your valuable and well set-up site over the past four years of becoming the second owner of a 2001 dark green MDX.

Great ride after having two kids with another on the way. We upgraded from our dark green 1996 Integra.

I just discovered that the rear hatch access/egress (door...ha ha) lock does not engage. Who knows how long it has been that way before I noticed (which is a slightly scary). Immediately came to this site as I thought it would be useful. It was and I found a terrific thread with ease (yay folders). I have not fixed it yet and will try my damnedest to avoid the dealers, but have at the very least a very solid starting point. Seems like a community to me. Thanks guys and gals. Sincerely!
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